New Google Play Policy – Update (July 2020)


Google Play has updated Policies on July 8, 2020. Additionally, they updated enforcement grace periods for this and all future policy updates and refreshed their policy center.

Over the past year, they’ve made several changes to their policies and platforms to strengthen privacy protections for users. They realize these changes can cause work for developers and have heard your feedback that their communications and change processes can improve. This July, in addition to Google Play policy updates, they’ve made these changes:


Google Play Policy


Additional time to comply


Starting with today’s policy updates, all developers will have at least 30 days to comply with any new policies. For certain policies that could require more significant developer work (like background location permissions), They’ve given additional time to make updates.


Easier to understand policies


They’ve clarified several policies with additional information and examples to make them easier to understand. Additionally, they’ve moved their policies to the Play Help Center so they are easier to search and find.


Improving the support experience


They’ve added more information in the emails we send for policy enforcement.


More communication and guidance in Play Console


In the new Play Console (currently in beta), you can find important messages about your apps and games in the new Inbox. The new Policy status and App content sections also make it easier to provide information Google Play needs to confirm that your apps are compliant with google play policies and to quickly see if there’s an issue that needs addressing.

Note: Both new apps and existing apps available on Google Play as of July 8, 2020, will have until August 12, 2020, to comply, or else they will be removed.


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