The Basic Difference Between Search Engine & Web Directory in Points

As an SEO person we always confused about the web directories, what are they exactly?

Search engine and web directories are two separate services for search in web communities, The Basic difference between a search engine and web directory is search engine maintain their data by Robots and crawler but in web directories, data are managed by humans. Few search engine and web directories managed and index by humans and robots both and those types of index refer to Hybrids.


Difference Between Search Engine & Web Directory in Points


Search Engines:


1. Google, Bing, Yandex, CC Search, Start Page, Inktomi, AltaVista, AlltheWeb, and the like are all forms of search engines.

2. All search engines write algorithms known as robots, crawlers, and/or spiders that have the following functions:

  • To discover Web pages
  • To read and analyze the contents of the Web pages
  • Notify its findings back to the search engine’s indices or databases.

3. Search engines like Google & Bing update their index either on a bi-monthly or monthly basis.

4. A search engine with a larger and updated index is a better representation of the information available on the Web.

5 The meta title of a page is considered important to search engines and is given a higher weight because

  • It helps to display on the top of the menu bar in your browser
  • the meta title & tags are displayed in the search engine results page
  • the meta title is displayed in your browser bookmarks when you add that page to your “favorites” or bookmarks.


Web Directories


1. Yahoo!, Google My Business, Bing Places, Four Square, Yellow Pages, Open Directory Project (, Gipsy, Hot Frog and the like are all forms of Web directories.

2. These web directories use human editors to review sites that are submitted for submission to the directory.

3. Web Directories, unlike search engines, use a hierarchical tree structure to organize their database.

4. Another common distinction is that a web directory tends to list Web sites (root directory of a site or homepage) whereas a search engine will list Web pages (individual pages of your site).

5. Web directories always browsed through their hierarchical structure and not searched.

6. Sometimes, there is a normal submission fee to be added to a web directory. The submission fee is to cover the costs of having the human editors review the site.

7. Most web directories will only add a new site if it has unique content that is presented in a professional manner by a legitimate company.