What is SEMrush Bot & How does it Work?


Before knowing SEMrush Bot, You need to understand what is SEMrush? and What is a Bot Actually?




SEMrush is an online tool for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights easily and effectively. SEMrush tools and reports can help marketers that work in the following services:




  • Content Marketing
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC – Pay Per Click
  • Campaign Management
  • SMM – Social Media Marketing
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Research
  • PR – Press Releases
  • Marketing Insights


What is a Bot?


A Bot is also known as a web robot, Web Crawler, Web spider, or an algorithm that is a software application specially designed to perform a repetitive task in an effective, structured, accurate manner that any human can never do. A bot is the best example of artificial intelligence.

Now Question arises, What is –


SEMrush Bot?


SEMrush bot is the same search bot algorithm or software that is used by SEMrush company to discover and collect fresh and updated data from the web.

Following data can collect be SEMrush Bot:

  • Public Backlinks
  • Link Building Activities
  • Keywords
  • URL structures
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Content Analyze
  • Post Tracking
  • Trends
  • User Behaviour
  • Spamming
  • Indexing Activities and much more


What does SEMrush do with the data collected by SEMrush Bot?


With the help of public backlinks, search engine index maintened as a dedicated tool that is called backlink analytics or web graph of links.

Data is used for Site audit tool to analyze on-page SEO issues and technical issues, also use for user experience issues.

SEMrush bot data is also used for a backlink audit tool that helps to discover and clean up the dangerous and spam backlinks of your profile that can harm your online presence.

Collected data is also used for link building tool that helps you to find prospects and monitor your new acquired backlinks, you can also reach out to prospects for link building with the help of SEMrush’s link building tool

Data collected by SEMrush bot is used for:

  • SEO writing assistant
  • Brand monitoring
  • Content Analyzer
  • Post Tracking Tools Reports
  • On-Page SEO checker
  • SEO Content Template tools report
  • Topic research tools report
  • SEO A/B Testing tool



Do you want to stop SEMrush Bot from crawling your website?


Here is the answer:


To stop SEMrush Bot from crawling your website, you need to update your robots.txt file-




Block For Backlink Audit tool-


User-agent: SemrushBot-BA
Disallow: /


Block For different SEO and technical issues-


User-agent: SemrushBot-SA
Disallow: /


Block For On-Page SEO Checker tool and similar tools-


User-agent: SemrushBot-SI
Disallow: /


Block For Checking URLs on your site for SWA tool-


User-agent: SemrushBot-SWA
Disallow: /


Block For Content Analyzer and Post Tracking tools-

User-agent: SemrushBot-CT
Disallow: /


Block For Brand Monitoring-

User-agent: SemrushBot-BM
Disallow: /


To block SEMrushBot from crawling your site for SEO A/B Testing tool-


User-agent: SemrushBot-SEOAB
Disallow: /


Note: If you are migrating a Website (for example, from HTTP to HTTPS), do not forget to migrate a robots.txt file.