3 Major Factors Can Help The Search Engines To Find Your Website

The Common Threads Among The Search Engines: Search Engine Optimization Tips

search engine optimization tips

All search engines want to keep their result relevance and for this, every search engine needs to understand the main subject of your website.

You can help the search engines to find your website by keeping in mind the three major Factors (Search Engine Optimization Tips) they are looking for:

1- Content

Images & content are the bones and meat of your website. Whatever information your website contains, not just the words the images, audio, video, interactive technologies (all are called engagement objects).

Your page’s relevancy increases based upon useful keyword containing content.

Google bots or spiders, the software which search engines used to read your website, that software also measure whether you have enough content or not, that suggest you know what it is you are talking about.

A website with 5 pages of content is going to rank lower than a website with thousand or ten thousand pages of content. If website niche is equally relevant.

2- Popularity

These days, the internet is like a high school where you are popular as long as a lot of people know you exist and they are talking about you

Every search engine spiders or software are looking for that how many people are talking about and you and linking your website to their content, along with the number of outgoing links you have on your own website.

Trust me! google really loves this factor.

3- Architecture:

If you walk into a big library and find everything stacked haphazardly on the shelves, it’s going to be harder to find books and you might just give up and go to another library which is very organized better than you.

Search engine spiders do the same things. They want organized structure and maintained architecture.

Wikipedia is a great example of this, because of how it’s built. Wikipedia is full of searchable text, Alt attribute text and keyword containing hyperlinks that support terms used on the page.

Apart from this, you need to focus on two more variables:

1 Response time – Page speed becomes very important to google in particular. There are better chances that search engine bots index sites on a fast server more frequently and thoroughly than sites on a slow server.

2 Bounce Rate – Few SEOs believe that your rank could be affected by something called Bounce Rate, which measures how often someone clicks on a page or post and immediately hits the back button.

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