Search Engine Optimization Meta Tags Best Practices

Meta Tags

Meta tags are not the primary factor that google is looking for and not primary to rank your website in SERP’s but you can’t ignore the importance of Meta Tags, Keywords, & Description Tags.In this blog, you will read the best 15 FAQ about meta tags SEO best practices.

1- What Are The Meta Tags (Exactly)?

Meta tags are best ways webmasters to attract search engines with information about their websites and these meta tags can be used to provide details to all sorts of clients, and every system processes only the meta tags they understand really and ignore the rest by default. Meta tags should be added to the HEAD section of your HTML pages.

2- Does There Any Importance of Meta Tags in SEO?

As I experienced, meta tags don’t noticeable influence where a page ranks in search engine result pages, in a positive way.

To rank high in google especially in 2017-18, every digital marketer should focus on relevance and reputation of high-quality content, user satisfaction, and popularity than meta tag optimization.

When you use meta tags properly, it can still be useful in a number of areas outside just ranking pages.

3- Does Google Use What is in Meta Tags For Ranking Pages?

Google already said on record that it does not use some data in meta when ranking a page (In a positive way) and test throughout the years and it has certainly seemed to confirm this.

Because some search engines once looked to hidden HTML tags like these to help order web pages in SERP’s but most search engines were involved in past but in 2017, Google is working differently.

4- What Exactly Do Meta Tags In SEO?


Metadata always help any web page in readable format conveniently for machines and especially for search engines.

5- Do Meta Tags Control My Search Snippet Listings in Google?

Yes but sometimes, If you take a case of meta description but it is not always. Actually, it’s dependent on various factors. Basically, google pick its own preferred search snippet to show results in SERP’s and it’s totally based on elements that can be influenced by the page owner.

6- How Can I Force Meta Description To Be Used By Google?

Yes, it is possible to force meta description to be used by google but for this, you should keywords and keyword phrases in the meta description.

And always try to unnecessary duplication in the content of meta description if google will found that you are using unnecessary duplication of keywords and phrases in meta description then google will penalize you.

Just because it is possible to influence if your meta description appears. It doesn’t mean you should do it if it duplicates text in the title element. That advice is direct from Google. Watch This Video:


7- How To Write Best Meta Tags?

Think differently this time because you are going to help google to understand about your content and you can still be creative when thinking about some tags like the Meta Description, but meta tags are best used when EXACTLY describing the page in question, and helping Google to short cut to information about your page.

Trust meiIf you are helping Google servers, especially about informational queries, and helping short-cut to data, Google is your best friend then, and you can get max benefit from that relationship.

8- What Are The Best & Important Meta Tags?

There are only three categories where you can paly this game and these are best places for meta tags.

2- Keywords
3- Robots

Try to avoid Black Hat SEO or Negative SEO.

9- What Are The Best Practices For Meta Description SEO?

If your website is live with full of information in nature, You should always try to make it relevant according to a valuable query you are focused on, but always write content for humans, not just only for search engines. If you are optimizing a keyword phrase then it should be found in the meta description.

You always depend on the meta description showing in Google listings. If the keyword in the search query is not present on the web page, chances are your meta description won’t show up.

Always try that meta description is unique and always be careful writing unique meta description text that does not appear on google page

it is a debate whether google looks for meta description and uses the description tag to rank pages.

10- Can Pages Rank High in SERP’s Without Meta Description?

Yes.It is possible because now Google is normally able to extract a suitable snippet from the page which you can then go back and optimize for click-through rates.

11- What Does Google Think About Meta Description?

Google thinks that there shouldn’t be

No duplication, more information, and everything is clearly tagged and separated. No real additional work is required to generate something of this quality: the price and length are the only new data, and they are already displayed on the site.

12- Is There Any Way To Control What Messages Appears in The Google Search Snippet?

Watch this video for a proper answer of above question.

For larger database-driven sites, like product aggregators, hand-written descriptions can be impossible. In the latter case, however, programmatic generation of the descriptions can be appropriate and are encouraged. Good descriptions are human-readable and diverse GOOGLE

13- Does Meta Description Necessary For Every Page?

For honest answer and case study, watch this video by Google Webmaster

14- Why Google Use The Meta Description When Ranking A Page?

It is a very typical question for every digital marketing consultant because nobody knows that how google algorithm works actually? there is a various case study about it but personally, I feel and suggest that yes meta description works and preferred to rank that web pages who has a meta description.

15- What Are Meta Keywords SEO Best Practices?

You should understand now that Google is very clear about meta keywords (or keyword meta tags) – they don’t use them: Watch this video


16- What Are Robots Meta Tags SEO Best Practices?