IP Addresses Don’t Matter For Backlinks & Search Rankings – John Mueller

Google - IP Addresses Don't Matter For Backlinks & Search Rankings - John Mueller

Google’s John Mueller answered “No” to the question of whether IP addresses are important for backlinks and search rankings. For example, is it important if some of your links come from Australia to your Indian site? Such things.

John answered that question on Twitter when asked, “Does the location of the IP address make a difference in a site’s ranking?” I have a website for a US based company and my IP address is in Utah, but some services online show it from Australia. Is it a problem for a US service to have a site “in” Australia?” Then another SEO said yes, “But I believe IPs do matter when it comes to your backlink profile.” John simply responded “nope.”

Here are those tweets:

Many SEO believes IP c-blocks matter when doing SEO and linking. But Google has been downplaying the significance of IP addresses for years and years.