What is the Importance of SEO – Search Engine Optimization in Internet Marketing Strategy

Before understanding Importance of SEO in Internet Marketing Strategy, you need to understand what is internet marketing and search engine?

Importance Of SEO

What is Internet Marketing?

The internet offers a world of information, both good and bad. Almost anything a person could want is merely a few taps on a screen or a couple clicks of a mouse away.

Internet marketing is the process of promoting a brand, products or services over the Internet. Its broad scope includes SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, electronic customer relationship management and any promotional activities that are done via wireless media.

A good rule of thumb for the internet is if you want to know about something or purchase something there’s a probably already a website just for that.

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What is Search Engine?

A search engine is a web application designed to hunt for specific keywords and group them according to relevance.

Search engines such as Google, yahoo and Bing were created to bring your user to you with little hassle and fuss.

In this blog, I will try to help you sort out search engines, identifying the necessary elements to make your prominent in those engines and giving you an insider look at how all the search engines work together.

Who is using search engines?

Well Everyone:👍

A significant amount of all visitors traffic to websites come from search engines, Unless you are a big brand like amazon.com and flipkart.com, a chance is people won’t know where you are unless they turn to a search engine and hunt you down.

Even the household names like Amazon and Flipkart get most of their traffic from search engines.

Search engines are the biggest driver of traffic on the web and their influence only continues to grow.

You have to remember that your website is only one of half trillion websites out there and you need to start seo activities to get better ranking in search engines because your website won’t automatically pop up on the first page of results.

That’s why a company needs SEO for their website and they hire SEO experts for that and that is the reason seo is a trending profile in job categories.

You should know your demographics

In order to get the most bang for your seo buck, you need to know the demographics of your web visitors.

You need to know who’s looking for you because you need to know how best to promote yourself.

For example: if you are selling beauty products for girls, advertising in men’s saloon is probably not a great idea.

The same goes for your website in a Search Engine, Gender, Age, and Income is just a few of the metrics that you want to track in terms of identifying your audience.

Search engine users include slightly more male than female user across the board.

Why People Use Search Engines?

A Report says that, most people who use a search engine for research purpose. They are generally looking for answers, or at least for data with which to make a decision.

They are looking to find a site to fulfill a specific purpose.

In order to take advantage of research queries, you need to gear your site content toward things that would be of interest to a researcher.

To attract researcher to your website you should use how-to articles, product comparison, reviews and free information. That is the reason, how people are earning through affiliate marketing because they are giving you helpful, free information, product comparison and true reviews.

Why Are keywords important for better ranking?

For a good SEO, a keyword is a good place to start with. A search engine uses an advanced process to categorize and analyze keyword usage and other factors in order to figure out what your website is about and bring searchers to your web page they’re looking for.

The more relevant your keywords and content are to the user’s query and intent, the better chance your page has of ranking in a search engine’s results.

Always try to keep your keywords clear, precise, and simple which helps the search engines do their job a whole lot faster.

The Advantage of a SEO compliant website

Basically, you want search engine spiders to easily digest all the juicy content on your website and not find and red flags along the way.

To communicate better with search engines you should focus on your page titles and meta-data ( the page title, description tag and keywords tag are collectively know as metadata) so that they should contain relevant keywords for your subject.

You should also make sure that your web pages contain searchable text and not just only flash animation and images because the search engine can’t read images they have limited capacity to understand the non-text content.

Use following list to get yourself organized:

  1. Title Tag
  2. Meta Description Tag
  3. Meta Keyword Tag
  4. Headline Tag(s)
  5. Textual Content
  6. Alt attributes on all images
  7. Fully qualified links
  8. Sitemap (both XML and HTML)
  9. Text navigation
  10. Canonical elements
  11. Structured data markup
  12. URL structure( file naming and limiting parameters)
  13. Ordered and unordered lists
  14. JavaScript/CSS externalized
  15. Robots.txt
  16. Web Analytics
  17. Keyword Research
  18. Link Development
  19. Image Names
  20. Privacy Statement
  21. Contact Information
  22. Dedicated IP address

How search engines get all data?

OK, So how they do it?

It is a very obvious question in the mind of every beginner that how do search engines keep track of everything and pop up results so fast?

Behold the wonder of technology!

1-Gathering the data is the first step. Search engine spiders constantly crawl the internet, gathering web page data into servers.

Google calls it’s spider Googlebot; you can refer the data gathering software process as spiders, robots, bots, or crawlers but they are all the same thing.

2- Second Step: search engines have to index the data to make it usable.

Indexing is the process of taking the raw data and categorize it, removing duplicate information and generally organizing it all into an accessible structure. As you arrange your cabinet versus paper file.

3- Third Step: For each query performed by a user, the search engines apply an algorithm.

Basically, a math equation (Math Formula) that weighs various criteria about a web page and generate a ranking result. You only need to fit in that formula and try to rank number one in a search.

I heard somewhere that google algorithm analyze more than 200 variables to determine a web page’s search ranking to given query.

Now you are probably thinking that what are their variables? But google never say exactly and neither will the other engines about that variables.

This is the nuts and bolts of search engine optimization. I’ve tried to explain you in a better way and deeply the importance of SEO. Kindly comment below, If I missed anything to cover or you want to share your feedback.

Thanks for reading 1130 words regarding SEO.☺

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Importance of SEO - Search Engine Optimization in Internet Marketing