How To Communicate in Conference Call? – Sample Sentences

As a fresher, we stuck some times or feel nervous while going on a conference call with your manager or team member. Here is the list of sample sentences to include in your conference calls and impress others.

Tips: Read aloud and repeat 3-4 times to remember these sentences and become habitual of that.



Accessing the conference call

  • Put in your access code.
  •  Press the pound key/hash key.
  •  Is everyone online?
  • Are we waiting for anyone else?
  • Seema are you here?
  • Has Sam joined us yet?
  • Who just joined?

Introducing yourself and others

  • Hello everyone, Seema here.
  • Hello, it’s Seema.
  • I think Sam is joining us, Sam are you there?
  • Yes, I’m here, hello everyone.
  • Can everyone hear me?


  • Can everyone see the slides?
  • Next slide, please.
  • I can’t see the slide 4.
  • Has the presentation loaded?
  • No, it’s still loading.
  • Can everyone see my screen?
  • Have you downloaded the document?


Starting the meeting

  • Welcome to today’s conference call.
  • The purpose of today’s call is…
  • Has everyone seen the agenda?
  • We’ve got a lot to discuss today.
  • We have 5 main topics for discussion.



  • Can I just come in here?
  • I have a question…
  • May I say something?
  • Could I just clarify something?
  • Could we just go back to slide 2?
  • Can I make a suggestion?


Managing behavior

  • Please can we stick to the agenda.
  • We are getting sidetracked.
  • Please can you mute yourself if you are not talking?
  • Sorry, I was on mute.
  • Please use the “raise your hand” indicator if you want to speak.
  • Can we deal with that on next week’s call, please?
  • You are talking over each other, I can’t hear what anyone is saying.
  • Let’s move on.


Poor sound quality

  • Are you on mute?
  • There are a lot of background noises. You cut out, can you say that again?
  • I’m having connection issues
  • Have we lost Seema?
  • There’s an echo on the line.
  • Please adjust your speaker volume.
  • There’s some interference on the line.
  • You are breaking up/cutting out.
  • Please can everyone speak up.


Comprehension problems

  • Is everyone with me?
  • Yes, I’ve got that.
  • Could I just check I’ve understood?
  • Seema, is that your understanding?
  • I’m sorry I didn’t really understand that, please can you say it again?
  • I didn’t catch that point, Seema, can you say it again, please?
  • Can you speak more slowly, please?
  • Let’s deal with one thing at a time.


Ending the call

  • Thanks for your contribution everyone.
  • I think that’s everything.
  • It’s 3.30 pm, it’s time to finish.
  • We should stop now and come back to this on Monday.
  • It’s been a really useful discussion thank you.
  • I’ll send the minutes to you all later in the week.
  • Let’s review the action points before we finish.
  • I’ll close the call now, thank you, everyone.
  • Can you email the slides to everyone, please?
  • We’ve run out of time, we need to stop.
  • I need to go to another meeting, sorry everyone.
  • It’s been a really fruitful discussion thank you.
  • We’ve made some progress, but let’s come back to this issue on the next call.
  • That’s all we have time for, we’ll have to discuss the remaining items next time.
  • When’s the next call?
  • Shall we book the time for the next call now?


General Advice for Conference Calls

  • Ask native speakers to slow down.
  • Familiarise yourself with the technology before the call.
  • Ask for written minutes after the call so you can check you’ve understood everything.
  • Ask for an agenda before the call so you can prepare.
  • If you can’t hear or don’t understand say so!
  • Enter the call 5 minutes beforehand so you don’t arrive late and stressed.


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