Google News Guidelines: List Your News Website in Easy Steps

Google News Guidelines: List Your News Website in Easy Steps


Every news website owner is looking to list in Google News and Why not! it is a great place to rank and highlight your content to get noticed by users without any PR activities.

For many media organizations, it is a matter of recognization and revenue both but this is not so easy to rank in the google news feed.

Google has very strict guidelines for every news website and that is the reason many news websites are struggling to get rank in the google news feed.

Google news has strict standards that you need to follow if you are not able to follow google news guidelines then forget the dream to rank in google news.

The website submission process is very easy in google news but as you know thousands of websites apply to get exposure in google news but few websites get an opportunity to rank in the google news feed and approval for the same.


5 Basic & Important – Google News Guidelines


#1 Your News Website Covering Recent Events


Websites included in Google News always offer timely reports and analysis on recent events, Websites should follow the trends and quickly update on those trends.

Google doesn’t include websites that publish How-To Articles, Advice Columns, Jop Posting, Real Estate Listings, or any information related to Stock, trading, weather forecasts. Most importantly, your website’s news should be datelines and bylines.


2 100% Original Content


Today news websites have very tough competition especially in India, Daily 1000+ news websites are going live including regional languages. In this situation, this is a very tough challenge to rank in google news with 100% original content.

But you need to follow that rule if you are going to submit an application for Google news then you have to be double sure that your website has genuine and fresh content.

If you found any duplicate content then edit or delete but try to publish 100% Genuine content. if your website publishes aggregated content then you need to be separate it from your original work and restrict it to that aggregated news via robots.txt file.


3 Accountability & Transparency


Google follows the user behavior and analyzes from time to time to get the value of the news site. Your website should have a great author biography and it should be clearly accessible with their social media and contact information such as email address or physical address and phone numbers.


4 Must Not Be A Misrepresentative News Website


Your website should not be misrepresentative, mistake or any conceal information included about the website owner or primary purpose. If you are doing any such thing then you are not following the google news guidelines and your website submission will be failed.


5 Readability (Clearly Written Articles/News)


If your website is in English then it is mandatory that your website should have correct spellings and Grammarly accurate for a better user experience and you have to make sure that ads shouldn’t distract the users and allows users to more easily focus on your news and content.

If you are sure that your news website follows the above 5 basic guidelines of google news then you can submit your website for verification. Additional your website should contain the following:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Contact Information
  • Readable URLs
  • SiteMap