Google Neighbourly – What’s New in Google’s Kitchen?

Google neighbourly
Image Source: Google neighbourly

“Keep up with your neighbourhood” – This is the tagline of Google’s new App and the App Name is ” Google Neighbourly”

According To Google’s Neighbourly website, You can use this new app to connect with neighbours and ask questions to them. Following are the features of Google Neighbourly:

  1. Connect With Your Neighbours
  2. Follow Your Neighbours
  3. Ask Questions to Your Neighbours
  4. Get Updates as your neighbours answer.
  5. You can hide your identity too
  6. Ask and answer questions without sharing your private details.


What is the mission behind Google Neighbourly App?


Google neighbourly
Image Source- Google neighbourly


In this busy lifestyle, local questions come up in your mind all the time but you don’t have enough time to explore your local area because of a hectic lifestyle.

Majorly this problem occurs in big cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore etc because of working hours and traffic jams. You can’t even know who is living next to you?

It’s a big challenge for you to get a good answer to your questions because cities keep changing rapidly and the lifestyle of people who live there in big cities.


How Google Neighbourly Will Help You?


Google’s thinkers have developed this app for you to get the best information you need because you are too busy and have challengings tasks to perform every day in your daily routine.

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You are too much busy to stop your neighbours to chat on the street and already your society what’s app group chats keep getting noiser and fill up with ” Good Morning, Good Night wishes”. So Google Neighbourly can be a big relief for you to get answers to your questions


Why Google Has Developed Neighbourly App For You?


Google wants to engage more user and wants to satisfy them as best as possible.

Nobody can deny the humans are still smarter then technology so your neighbours can answer better to your question if you compare with “Google Assistant” or “Amazon Alexa”.


Launching Date of Google Neighbourly


Launched Date: 10th September 2018

Google neighbourly app is available in 5+ Indian cities to answer your queries If your smartphone is running Android 4.3 jelly bean or higher. You can download the app from Google Play Store.

Download Google Neighbourly App