Google Indexing Issue – Is your new content not showing up in Google Search?

It appears that Google is having trouble to indexing new content. again in google search Google’s Danny Sullivan on Tuesday validated indexing concerns on Twitter, saying, “Yes, I believe there might be some issues.


Google Indexing Issue


Google seems to be having some problems indexing new content and displaying that new content in Google Search and Google News. It is unclear how widespread the problem is, but based on my tests, some content is getting indexed quickly by Google, while other content is not. The sequencing issues began at around 2:30 p.m. ET.


Examples (Google Indexing Issue):


Here is a screenshot showing how in Google News, sorted by most recent news articles, is showing content from hours ago. India Today (Aaj Tak) publishes new content almost every minute.


Google Indexing Issue


Sullivan said on Twitter that he believes there may be some issues with Google indexing new content. Here is his tweet:



Google had a few indexes earlier this month that was resolved within 24-hours. It also had a similar issue last May and in April unknowingly de-indexed sites. Google recently released an explanation of indexing problems.


If you have new content published on your web site and it is not visible in Google Search Engines, then you should know that you are not alone. Google is investigating and will let us know what it knows. We will keep you posted on any official communication of the company on this matter.


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