What is Google Halloween Ranking Update? – Algorithm Update 2018

Halloween Ranking Update
Google Halloween Ranking Update 2018

Few are saying ” Spooky Halloween Algorithm Update” & Few are calling this ” Creepy Halloween Ranking Update” but what is Google Halloween Ranking Update? in November 2018.

A few days back on Halloween, industry experts were talking about this update and mentioning ranking changes in Google Search Results and you wouldn’t believe there were nice numbers of complaints in SEO Communities regarding this Halloween update.


Google Halloween Ranking Update


It is an unconfirmed google algorithm update because Google has declined to confirm an update. Historically this means there was no update. Everyone knows Google rolls out a true update to the core ranking algorithm only several times a year.

People are calling this Halloween Ranking update because masters have seen drastic changes in ranking after this update in November on Halloween and people start calling this Halloween Ranking update.

As per my understanding, There is no any Halloween Ranking Update Algorithm exists till now but no one knows about the future. because earlier SEO industry has long discussed so-called Phantom updates that Google has consistently denied. We now know that Google was telling the truth. Google performs changes to the algorithm almost every day of the week.

Some people are seeing big changes in their organic traffic but again, either it is super early, was a limited short test or impacting a specific area that is not too widespread.

If you are worried about this update, Just check your Google Webmaster and analyze, is there any drastic changes in your organic traffic? If not then you should ignore this rumor or update.