Google Analytics vs SEMrush: Pros & Cons


Google Analytics is a free tool by Google & SEMrush is paid tool with few free basic features. Both tools are popular among marketers but what is the difference and why marketers are choosing SEMrush for their better marketing results, let’s analyze and understand the difference.

Google Analytics doesn’t have very deep data especially about SEO & Other areas of online marketing. You have to dig a bit into different parts of the interface for SEO related analytics.

If you want a deep dive into analytics, SEMRush is the best solution. If you’re looking for more general analytics about your website, you would use Google Analytics.


Google Analytics vs SEMrush


#1 Different Data


Google Analytics and SEMrush provide different type of data, SEMrush has a large database in terms of competitors and research level. Google Analytics provides you the only data related to your website and your website users.

In Semrush, you can find your data as well as your competitor’s data. SEMrush helps you to strategize and plan your digital marketing activities in a better way. In online marketing, you must have quality data to plan your marketing activities.





#2 Different Reporting


SEMrush helps you a lot if you need a complete report that includes Traffic, Organic Presence & Traffic insights, Ranking Position (Top 3, Top 10, Top20, Top 100), Backlinks (Do-Follow & No-Follow), Keyword Gap, Keyword Trends, Advertising Trends, Social Media Insights & Reports. Projects wise reports, Brand monitoring & Mention reports because SEMrush is a complete bundle to gather all information.

Google Analytics provides you less data for complete reporting because it helps you gather only web traffic analysis and only keyword impressions and clicks. A complete report needs the keyword gap analysis, keyword ranking, detailed traffic analysis, and how other channels are helping your marketing activities, this is why google analytics a complete tool for your online marketing activities.


#3 Competitor Analysis


If you need the best online marketing results then you should also need to track your competitors and SEMrush helps you to explore and track your rival’s online presence.

Google Analytics doesn’t have this feature and SEMrush helps you to identify your competitor’s website traffic, marketing strategies, SEO activities, Paid advertising efforts, Content activities, Social media, and PR related activities.

You can gain all insights of your competitor in one go with SEMrush tools and It is free with the trial version.


#4 Keyword Research


Google Analytics only shows you those keywords on which your website is ranking and getting impressions but other side SEMrush helps you to find out the keyword’s value, the real-time value of keywords, competition on keywords and discover exactly.

SEMrush has a keyword magic tool that helps you in research because of a big database with over 20 billion keywords through a user friendly and streamlined interface.

You can analyze up to 1000 keywords at once and see changes with SERO features of SEMrush


#5 Content Research


If you want to research for content marketing then google analytics will disappoint you, On the other side SEMrush helps you a lot to create and execute a powerful data-informed content strategy for your strong online marketing and presence.

With the help of SEMrush, you can discover new content ideas to write engaging content for your audience and include popular topics, catchy headlines, and you can include frequently asked questions by your audience.

SEMrush also helps you to create a content marketing calendar and collaborate with your team members.



#6 Social Media Management


SEMrush helps you to streamline your social media marketing, with the SEMrush tool you can publish social media posts, monitor social media and it also helps you in ads management.

You can schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business within seconds and track their performance.

YOu can create, launch, manage and optimize ads on placements within the Facebook family with the Social Media Ads tool and also get recommendations on how to improve them.



#7 Website Audit


With the help of the SEMrush website audit tool, you can process your pages in minutes with a high-speed crawler and get actionable solutions to fix your website’s issues. You can apply flexible crawling settings and run our highly detailed on-page and technical SEO checks.


#8 On-Page SEO Check


SEMrush tool helps you to check your website health, analyze its interactions with Google, and get fresh ideas to boost rankings with Semrush technical SEO audit tools


#09 Advertising Research


SEMrush tool helps you to find the right keywords with our paid keyword research tools to connect with your audience and match their level of intent, With this feature, you can do the following activities:

  • Keyword magic tool helps you to find niche topics, spot semantically related long-tail keywords, and build a paid keyword list for your PPC campaign.
  • The keyword manager feature allows you to conduct a deep analysis of up to 1,000 keywords at a time. Get fresh metrics, save your findings, and send your favorite keywords to other Semrush tools.
  • With the CMC Map feature, you can find new keywords by analyzing your competitors. Compare up to five domains side by side. Spot common paid keywords you and your rivals are ranking for and compare websites’ positions in search results for each term


#10 Ad History & Tracking


SEmrush has a feature of Ad history and tracking that can help you to strategize your ads campaign for better results, This feature also helps you to track your competitor’s ad and performance. This tool is very crucial if you are investing a lot in your advertising campaigns.


#11 Project Management


Project management is a very important feature if you have multiple websites or targeting multiple locations. You can plan your online marketing activities on a location basis and track your online marketing-wise performance separately.


#12 Brand Monitoring


Mention tool helps you to scan social and traditional online media for you and your competitors’ mentions. You can list the topics that encourage organic sharing among the target audience. You can find relevant backlink providers and influencers to support your brand reputation.




Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that provides the information on the makeup of the traffic going to your website, Traffic Attributes, Geo Locations of users, Traffic channels, etc, It’s also available upon android app and IOS App, It’s available for free & Paid version is $150000/Year.

SEMRush is a complete suite of tools that focus on PPC and SEO with competitor analysis as well. It includes SEO keyword analysis and SEO/PPC traffic estimates.SEmrush tool is available on web-based platforms and Android/IOS (Less Features)
Not a free model & starting from $99/month.