Facebook is Testing New Voice Clip Feature in India: Now You Can Share Your Voice As Status Update

Facebook is Testing New Voice Clip Feature in India: Now You Can Share Your Voice As Status Update

The social media giant Facebook has begun to test a new option to update the status of Voice Clip with a limited number of Facebook users in India. With the new feature, users can insert voice clips as status in their “activity feed”.

“We’re always working to help people communicate with their friends and family members on Facebook, and voice clips give people a new way to express themselves,” a Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Updating the status of voice clips is a simpler and more intimate option than sending text messages or downloading a video status.

Facebook has been working for many years to pressure people to share their personal content in the app, rather than generic news links and titles that people find on other social networks like Twitter.

To access this new feature, users must select the “Add voice clip” option in the status refresh option, which includes photo downloads, location logs, video updates, and more.

After selecting the Voice Clip option, users can see a waveform or graph that pans up and down based on the recording sound. In addition, a user can talk as long as he wants and there is no specific time limit for Facebook updating the voice clip.

Users can preview the clip and hear what they have recorded. However, you can not edit the clip. Then they can share the clip where other friends and users can play and listen to it.

But unlike other audio applications, users can not hear the audio in the background while reducing the application to something else.

However, Facebook is becoming more and more serious about voice services because it is developing a smart speaker code-named Aloha, which is a wireless speaker that can connect to and work with their smartphones. Voice control to transfer music calls make, read news, order pizza and more.