Deepfakes – What is it?

Source - FreePik

Deepfakes – a new gamut of technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence that are aimed to fake digital representations by producing fabricated images and sounds that are taking the world by storm. While there are both positive and negative applications of Deepfakes, tackling Deepfakes to channel their use in the right direction requires a framework to embrace the positives of Deepfakes. Some key potential positive applications include:

  • Video and radio advertisements, podcasts, dialogue, and video customization, etc.
  • Synthetic media: Synthetic celebrities, videos, audios, etc. can be generated for greater customization, managing to schedule, improving the entertainment experience, enabling cost savings, and more.
  • Integration into AR/VR applications: From gaming to remote corporate meetings, learning sessions, and usages in fashion and retail, the combination of Deepfakes with immersive technologies such as AR and VR reinforces each other’s effect.


Source – TCS