How do you make a website secure in chrome? Secure Access of Any Website

Google Ads - Updates to enforcement procedures for repeat violations

  Do you want to secure a website in chrome and want to update settings, Here are few suggestions for you to get secure access of any website:   How To Change settings for all websites? Computer: On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More More and then Settings. Under “Privacy and … Read more

How to stop advertising on my phone? Block & Remove Unwanted Ads

How to stop advertising on my phone? Block & Remove Unwanted Ads

  You can’t stop getting ads online, but you can remove some unwanted ads. You can also stop getting ads that are based on your interests and personal information.   How To Stop pop-up ads   Simply, You can turn off pop-up ads in Chrome and most other browsers also. By default, Google Chrome blocks … Read more

How To Find and Delete files on Android

How To Find and Delete files on Android

  Phone files are usually found in the Files app. If you can’t find the Files app, the device manufacturer might have a different app. Important: Some of these steps only apply to Android 10 or later. This will allow you to check the Android version of your device.   Finding and opening files Open … Read more

How To Communicate in Conference Call? – Sample Sentences

how to say hi in conference call

As a fresher, we stuck some times or feel nervous while going on a conference call with your manager or team member. Here is the list of sample sentences to include in your conference calls and impress others. Tips: Read aloud and repeat 3-4 times to remember these sentences and become habitual of that.   … Read more

3 Best Resignation Email Samples For Two/Four Weeks Notice

Resignation Email Samples

  If you are reading this article means you have decided to resign from your job and it is mandatory that you provide two/four weeks’ notice as per the policies. Your reason can be anything to leave your job but as a professional person, you are responsible to give enough time to your employer to … Read more