Best Email Marketing Subject Lines (List of Samples)

How to stop advertising on my phone? Block & Remove Unwanted Ads

As an email marketer, We always need a perfect subject line for mail marketing campaigns but we are stuck with new ideas sometimes, So here are the best email marketing subject lines for you. You can use and edit these subject lines accordingly.   Ecommerce – Email Marketing Subject Lines   Hurry! ₹200 Amazon pay … Read more

Copywriting Vs Content Writing – A Copywriter Sells, While a Content Writer Informs

Copywriting Vs Content Writing - A Copywriter Sells, While a Content Writer Informs

  Copy Writer vs Content writer, Doesn’t sound the SAME?   In my early days, I was very confused between these two terms as both look like same and sound like two names of one work.   It is not bad if you don’t know anything, no one on this earth knows everything and everyone … Read more

Affiliate Marketing 2021: A Beginner Guide

affiliate marketing

The affiliate marketing industry in the U.S. is expected to hit $8.2 billion by 2022, up from the $5.4 billion registered in 2017. The sector has been growing at a rate of 10% yearly, and this trend will remain until 2022. From these statistics, it’s evident that the industry has witnessed significant growth, and more … Read more

How Does Google Search Work?

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Curious how does google search works? If you are new in the online world then you will be curious about the working of google and want to understand – How does google show results? You search anything and google shows you results in secs and that is related to your query. Google is a fully … Read more

Performance Marketing in Digital Marketing (2021)

Performance Marketing in Digital Marketing (2021)

Every business is different. Therefore, every business must approach its digital marketing with a unique plan. Because everybody’s path to success will be different. Performance marketing can be helpful for those companies that are looking for good results with minimum risks.   What is Performance Marketing   Performance Marketing is a comprehensive term that refers … Read more

5 Best Ways To Promote Your Wellness Business


It’s a just coincidence that I’ve searched for  ” What are the best ways to promote wellness business ” in Google and I didn’t find an accurate result. I found blogs but none of them was related to my exact query and those blogs were very old or not updated. I never write instant blogs but … Read more

Do you need an SEO plugin for your WordPress website?

Do you need an SEO plugin for your WordPress website

    is it mandatory to use SEO Plugins for your WordPress website? Always you read or watch videos by marketers and they suggest using Yoast SEO plugin, All-in-One SEO Plugin, or Rank Math plugin but are these plugin matters? Let’s understand- I’ve seen many websites that are using WordPress and ranking, optimizing without SEO … Read more