5 Major Search Engines ( 15 Alternatives of Google Search Engine)

Everyone knows that the market of online search is best and evergreen, that is the reason many companies are investing big budgets in Search Engine Optimization Activities.

In 2020, New businesses are coming online and trying to build their reputation online and want to rank in Search Engines.

Let’s discuss today the major players in search engines and where every new online business should focus.


5 Major Search Engines To Optimize Your Web Presence


Do You Know? – Research indicates that digital ad spending worldwide will reach around $385 billion in 2020 and search ads will be the main contributor to this.


#1 Google


Google Search Console


Google LLC was founded by Larry Page & Sergey Brin, They were students at that time and studying at the Standford University, The year of incorporation of Google is 1998.

Now Google is a leader in Online searches and Google is ranked as the most popular and valuable website worldwide ( As Per Alexa Ranking)

The primary source of Google is Advertising i.e, Google Ads, and Google dominant in this area aggressively.

Through Google Ads you can run your advertisement on Google Play, YouTube, Other Websites via Google Adsense, Partner Networks, Display Ads, Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Gmail Ads, etc.


#2 Bing




In most popular search engines, Bing is maintaining the second rank among five major search engines.

In 2009, Bing was launched by Microsoft company and the direct competitor of Bing is Google. Bing took over Live Search was launched in 2006.

Microsoft company has invested heavily in Bing Promotions and the company has succeeded to increase Bing Market share for the short time frame but Google is the most popular search engine among the search users.

Like Google, Bing also allows to run ads and the source of income for Bing is selling online advertising which allows online marketers to place ads alongside its search engine results.

Note – In 2009, Bing began to also power yahoo search engine.




#3 DuckDuckGo




The market of DuckDuckGo is increasing and has a modest 1.35% Share of the USA web Search Market.

The headquarter of DuckDuckGo is in Pennsylvania, USA and the company served worldwide, DuckDuckGo was created by Gabriel Weinberg.

DuckDuckGo is trying to fight with Google and there is no doubt that DuckDuckGo is increasing its presence and its averaged searches are 45 million per month as per 2019 reports.

DuckDuckGo is creating its own presence in Private Search Market, it has some privacy protection regulations in place and users of DuckDuckGo are extremely loyal to the private search engine. DuckDuckGo Claims that they will protect user privacy and online users’ trust in the company.


#4 Baidu




Everyone knows the reason why Baidu is the most popular search engine in China. According to Alexa, Baidu is the sixth most popular website worldwide but its results are most relevant for Chinese users and that is the reason there is no competition for Baidu outside china and not a problem for Google at all.

Baidu is owned by Baidu Maps, Baidu Baike, Baidu Wangpan, & Baidu Teiba, headquarter of Baidu is in Beijing Haidian District.

The name Baidu means A Hundred Times or you can say countless times. Baidu offers several services like Local Information, Product Information, Services Information using the Chinese language search term.

Baidu’s income source is an advertising product called Baidu Tuinguang which is similar to Google Ads and Google Adsense. This is a Pay Per Click Advertising platform that allows online advertisers to show their ads in Baidu Search results pages and other partner websites that are part of Baidu Union.


#5 Verizon Media ( Yahoo & Formerly Oath)


Yahoo was started as an online directory in 1994 and by 1998. Yahoo’s online directory was the most important and popular point for Web users. In 2001 Yahoo’s search was powered by Inktomi.

In 2017, Verizon announced that it would place Yahoo! and AOL under an umbrella Oath, the deal was closed on 13th June 2017 and the company has launched the OATH.

Yahoo has 3.51 percent search engine users in the USA as per the latest report.

Yahoo was started at Standford university and was founded in January 1994 by jerry Yang and David Filo.

Microsoft and Yahoo! tried for merger discussions in 2005, 2006, and 2007, which were all ultimately unsuccessful.

On January 9, 2017, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer announces she will step down from Yahoo’s board of directors if its sale to Verizon goes through. She also announced that when that deal closed Yahoo! will rename itself to Altaba.


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List of Search Engines That Can Use As An Alternative of Google Search Engine


1 Yandex – Most popular search engine among the Russian Internet users, also used in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine & Turkey.

2 CC Search – If you are looking for copyright-free content then CC search can be your first stop. This search engine is perfect if you are looking for music for your YouTube videos, a banner image for your blog, Images for your social media posts, or anything else. CC Search is very simple and works smoothly.

3 Swiss cows – Company claims that they respect user’s privacy and never collect, store, or track any user data. Swiss cows also use AI to determine the context of a user’s query to provide better results.

4 StartPage – This search engine serves answers to users from Google, It is a good alternative to Google because this search engine provides a result from Google and doesn’t track user’s search history and stored their data.

5 Search Encrypt – This is a private search engine that uses a local encryption method to ensure your search remain private and maintain the privacy of user without any tracking. Search encrypt pull the result from its network when users enter a query and deliver the information as per user request.

6 Gibru – As per the company, they sourced the search results from Google with a modified algorithm so users can search for anything without any fear of tracking.

7 OneSearch – this search engine is launched by Verizon and the purpose of this search engine was to maintain user privacy. This search engine promise no cookie tracking, No retargeting, No sharing of user’s personal data with advertisers, Don’t store search engine history, encrypted search terms, and unfiltered search data.

8 Wiki.com – Wiki.com provides the result from the thousands of Wikis on the net. If you appreciate community information then this search engine can be best for you.

9 Boardreader – this search engine provides results from the forums and message boards, it is easy to find the forum you want within a few clicks.

10 GiveWater – The company described this search engine as a social impact search engine, founded by Scott Harrison. The purpose of launching the GiveWater Search Engine was to solve the issue of poor quality water and ineffective sanitation across the world mostly developing countries.

11 Ekoru – this search engine donates its 60% monthly revenue for the climate change crisis and the focus of this search engine is on reforestation, animal welfare, and climate action.

12 Ecosia – Ecossia uses its revenue to plant trees, as the company claimed. They pull out the data from Google Search but for the social cause, users use this search engine because they contribute in the environment and called itself an environment-friendly search engine.

13 Twitter – You can called twitter as a real-time search engine and find the minute by minute updates and trending stories, Twitter is the only and best option to catch the latest updates and surprisingly Google algorithm can’t able to beat it in this feature.

14 SlideShare – This a perfect search engine if you are looking for documents, PDFs, and slide show presentations for reading and to create new presentations for your business.

15 Internet Archives – It is a great resource to find an old website and content, it is called a Wayback machine. It provides a massive collection of documents, Free videos, Books, Music, and software. You can call it an Online Library.

Final Thoughts

Everyone agrees that Google is dominating other search engines in the internet search engine industry and Google is controlling the maximum search market share that’s why Google is a major search engine in the industry. It seems that no one can overtake Google because google has other products also where users are increasing day by day and all are linked to each other. As I Belive, Amazon can be a big competition in the Future but Not sure When. What do you think? Share Your Views in the comment box.


SEARCH ENGINE RELATED FAQs  (Extra Knowledge Dose For You)


Q1. What is the definition of a Search Engine?


A program that allow searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the online user, used especially for finding particular websites on the World Wide Web (WWW).


Q2.  Any Search Engine For Kids?


Here are 4 search engines that are safe for KIds:

  1. Kiddle
  2. WackSafe
  3. KidiRex
  4. Safe Search Kids


Q3. What is MetaSearch Engines?


A metasearch engine (or search aggregator) is an online Information retrieval tool that uses the data of a web search engine to produce its own results. (Source)

List of Meta Search Engines Are:

  1. Ixquick
  2. Metager
  3. Metacrawler
  4. Yabado
  5. Dogpile
  6. Zoo