4 Top Instagram Marketing Trends in 2020


Do you follow trends?


If not then start doing…


After this COVID-19, Industry is shifting to another level, and the audience is changing their behavior rapidly.


Do You Know?


Instagram boasts over 1 billion monthly active users and 80% of people on Instagram follow a business.


If you know the best marketing trends then it can help businesses grow professional Instagram accounts, grow their audience, and improve engagement.



The top Instagram marketing trends in 2020 are:



1. Using Stories to boost engagement


Yes, 68% of millennial Instagram users view Stories on the platform, compared to Snapchat’s 49%.



2. Incorporating more video content


There has been an 80% increase in the time users spend watching videos on Instagram.

Numbers are increasing day by day.


3. Posting powerful & quality content, not more


More frequent posting on the platform is not correlated with higher engagement.

Try to identify the Audience, their Interest, and Attention


4. Continuing to use targeted influencer marketing


For every $1 spent on influencer marketing, businesses are making an average $5.20, with the most successful cases making $20 or more. (via-Source)


Share your views in the comment box, if I am missing something and you believe that another strategy is working for you or you want to share other Instagram marketing trends with our audience.