Instagram stories give brands the incredible opportunity to authentically and personally connect with their audience.

Do you need ideas for your Instagram stories?


From time to time it is possible to lose the inspiration for creative and effective content. That’s why I’ve put together some great ideas for your Instagram stories to get your online presence.


1. Share your life


Engage people in your life by documenting interesting parts of your day or activities you want to share through your Instagram stories. This not only allows you to personalize your brand, but it also brings your audience a more personal interaction with you. Fill in your stories all the time, not every few minutes, but every few hours, or when you have something to share.


2. Use polls


Polls are fun, but even more, they can help you better understand your audience and preferences. People like their opinion to be valuable, and they will almost always choose to answer your questions in a survey. So ask your questions for comments, ideas, discoveries or just to have fun!


3. Share behind-the-scenes


Taking a look behind the scenes is a great idea for your Instagram stories because it makes people feel special. Let your audience feel that you are getting an exclusive description of what you are working on, before and after projects, and other interesting ideas.


4. Share your location

Use the Location tag in Instagram stories to tell your target audience where you are and what you are doing. This is especially useful when you attend an event. It is also ideal for recommending restaurants and cafes that you can visit. People are always looking for new experiences and their recommendations could be exactly what people need!


5. Keep it real


You can have a lot of creative ideas for Instagram stories, but remember that people are more interested in seeing “how” than just a perfect picture of something. So, instead of this picture of your great cake, show how you cooked it. Or show how he came to this beautiful apartment. When viewers feel invited to their story, showing them that they can achieve the same results, they feel inspired and more connected to you.


6. Share a joke or an inspirational quote


Life is always better with a little humor, so make a joke with a day. Or inspire your audience with motivational quotes. As a result, they will return to their stories to find out more!


7. Promote


Eventually, this is what we’re really trying to do, isn’t it? Whether you have a new ticket or sell your products or services, Instagram stories are a great way to reach people. Use the “drag-up” feature if you have it. If not, direct people to the link in their biography.


8. Give a shout-out


If you name people in your story or publish a screenshot of an account that you really like, maybe a follower’s page, and then rate them, your fans will feel grateful. You can also mark them in their stories!


9. Teasers

Give your followers an exclusive look into what’s going to happen and keep them excited and appreciate new projects with little progress. Ask questions as needed to increase engagement.


10. Share tips


People always love to learn from the experts, and one way of keeping your followers coming back is by sharing your technical know-how, professional tips or how-tos, or even simple life hacks. The idea is that your audience has value and you add it so that you can also benefit from your knowledge!

Ideally, you could put down your creative ideas for Instagram stories in an editorial content calendar ahead of time so you don’t lose precious minutes wondering what to post each day. You could do the same for your Instagram posts too.