“Content is King” But Why? – How Much Content Do You Need?

Provide Quality Content Or Die Because Content Is King


Always people read that ” Content is King “, especially online it is a frequently stated by the maximum of internet marketing experts because it’s true.

But Why?

To have a successful blog or website, your web pages required lots and lots of content.

Content is King

But How Much Content Do You Need?

The answer to this question is totally depends on your industry that what is normal for your industry? when you research the websites and blogs that rank well for your keywords, then you want to find out are how many indexed pages they have, as well as the quality, quantity, and structure of the keyword content on the high ranking pages competing with yours.

After research, you came to know that what level of content is currently succeeding in the search result pages for your keywords as an average then you get an idea of how many pages and words you need in order to play in a league.

Personally, I suggest and recommend that you have a minimum of 450 words of text content per page of your website. It’s a basic rule and based on all my experience in SEO.

The page you are reading, it has 450 words on it. And having less than 450 words in a post or page, It is difficult to convince search engine algorithms that you are a subject expert.

In fact, 450 words might still be too few, depending on your industry and keyword but the SEO industry averages around 1000 per page and it’s true for other industry as well. Still, 450 is a good starting target number before you do competitive analysis.

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It is a very daunting task to write too much content on every page but you should keep in mind that it will help you:


Every search engine looks for a website expertise about its subject and having a large amount of relevant text that your web page is a subject expert.


Lengthy pages provide you more and better opportunities to use your keywords without repeating and overusing them and it helps you to avoid scam. And search engine likes scam free web pages.

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If your bounce rate is low and user coming to your landing pages stay longer means it helps you to increase trust factor and trust it as more of an expert source if there’s more content for them to read that match their search query.


If you create multiple pages around the same theme then it will allow you to capitalize on niche and long tail keywords that help your main keywords.

Always remember that search engines come to a web page seeking something specific means for unique content. You need to create content for each page according to keyword and content of each page should be the focus on its keyword theme. It will help the user and makes the web page relevant to the user’s search query.

If you are making each page’s content relevant and focused then it will help the page rise in the search rankings and that is the only reason that ” Content is King “.

Bonus Tip: You can use a good content writing services to boost your marketing and to improve your marketing strategy because, By 2019, Content Marketing will be worth three hundred billion as an industry.