WhatsApp Business App finally rolls out for free

After years of waiting and limited testing, companies finally have their own WhatsApp solution. The company today launched the so-called WhatsApp Business, which is available as a free download on Android devices.

WhatsApp Business App

The application provides some of the basic features you want from a commercial application. You can create a company profile with additional information such as description, address and contact information, and provide quick answers to frequently asked questions. You can create greetings and simple checks to see which messages are most effective.

According to a WhatsApp spokesman, the current functionality will remain free in the long term, but WhatsApp plans to charge additional capacity in the future. Basically, there will eventually a Free model, but at least the company does not plan to remove all existing features and let features to get started.

The app is already running on the Google Play Store in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, UK and the US. The rest of the world can access the application “in the coming weeks”. For more information about WhatsApp activity, visit the blog.

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