Usability And SEO Working Together

USABILITY & SEO Working Together


Usability refers to the way a person uses, or experiences, your website.

When you are designing a website, whom should you be targeting:

The search engines or the humans?

Which should take precedence in your website design, and how do you serve both?

Luckily, balancing these complementary needs is not as complicated as it seems. Usability and SEO can work hand in hand.

In fact, many of the things that are good for search engines benefit human visitors as well. Some marketers are adamant that usability takes priority over SEO, arguing that an unusable website can be at top of the search engine result pages and still never make money.

The reverse is pointed out as well, search engine optimization has to come first because the most perfectly usable website in the world still has to have visitors who use it before it is worth anything.

The Confusion arises because people commonly mistake what the goal of each approach really is.

Misconception About Usability And SEO

The misconception leads them to make the assumption that the two are incompatible.In many people’s minds, SEO advocates a complicated set of rules to follow, games to play, pages to write, links to attract, and hoops to jump through.

What do You Need To Do For A Better Combination of Usability And SEO?

You need to focus first on the things that SEO and usability have in common and then put the rest into balance. SEO is about more than simply ranking well in the search engines.

The key is to rank well in the search engines for the keywords that are most relevant. If your website is the most expert and the best choice for your human visitors, your SEO campaign should be working to demonstrate that fact to the search engines

How Can You Improve The Usability of your Website Often Benefits Your SEO As Well?

Usability Improvements That Go Hand In Hand With SEO:

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So when you consider your visitors need in order to boost your website ‘s usability the nice part is that you’re also supporting your SEO efforts.

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