10 Tips To Find A Unique Topic For Digital Marketing Blog

Digital Marketing Blog, the following are 10 tips to find a unique topic and write a blog on digital marketing.


10 Tips To Find A Unique Topic For Digital Marketing Blog


1- Google Analytics

If you have Google Analytics or Adwords, I suggest using the keyword planner to find the top keywords you would like to rank for. Or use a free keyword planning tool such as Keyword Tool: 750+ Google Keyword Suggestions for Free. Use 192 Google Domains & 83 Languages.

2- FAQs on FB Groups

Find a question that is frequently asked on facebook groups about Digital Marketing.

3- BuzzSumo

Use BuzzSumo: Find the Most Shared Content and Key Influencers its the best.

4- Target Audience

Think about what your target audience would pay to learn and love getting it without paying. If you don’t know the industry/personas you want to reach very well, spend a week or however long and learn everything you can! When you can be relevant to each prospect etc your message will be something that’s not only read but thought about.

5- Failure

A failure story (what did you learn), Experiment with ideas and document them.

6- Discussion Forums

Places like Quora and Reddit are good places to find what people are talking about and the questions they are asking. If you find a lot of people asking about the same thing over and over. Then that’s a good blogging topic.

7- Interviews

The most simple way to write an engaging and informative blog is through an interview. You can interview someone else about a digital marketing topic, or let someone else interview you.

8- Blog Comments

Another fantastic way to generate ideas for highly effective digital marketing blog posts is to monitor the comments sections of other blogs within your niche.

9- Articles

Monitor blogs and publications in your space. List the top shared articles.

10 – Social Media

Keep an eye on social media, Poll your social media audience – comments, interaction, and feedback to get a feel for what your readers want to see more of in your blog.


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