Top 10 Ways to Reuse Your Old Blogs and Get Traffic in 2018

Do you have evergreen blogs on the website? Would you like to know how to redirect traffic to it? So you are in the right place. We’ll show you different strategies that are used by experienced bloggers to reuse their previous articles in order to grab the readers’ attention.

Reuse your old blogs

The content is valuable over a period of time. But if you have hundreds of posts on the blog, it will be difficult for the readers to find each one of them. I know you will get the search traffic even then. Is it enough for you?

I don’t think so. You should look for additional methods to gain additional traffic for your previous content. Social networks play a key role in creating website traffic. But it is not the only player. I will explain strategies followed by experts in the field so that they reiterate their old messages.


1. Internal Linking of blogs


Internal links often use a method to connect similar blogs to a site or network. Imagine, your next message is in WordPress security. He shared several safety-related tips, including how to avoid hacking, how to make his site safer, and more on the site. Here you can provide a link to your old blogs in the main WordPress security plugins. Both blogs deal with similar questions. So if a user interested in your security tips is sure about the linked blog, they’ll learn more.

You can specify a link by using the anchor text or by inserting the full title of the blog. Before deploying the connection, make sure that your previous post is still relevant. If you have outdated information, replace it with the latest details. Otherwise, it can affect your credibility.


2. Featured blog


This is another useful way to redirect access to old blog posts. An important blog will catch the reader’s attention at an unexpected time and there is the opportunity to open the blog to get more traffic.

You can create a featured blog in three ways:

  • Use Slider
  • Use Sticky notes
  • Add you featured blog in your sidebar


Reuse your old blogs


Remember to edit frequently highlighted blog based on the latest trends in search and traffic. If necessary, you can attach a distinctive badge or a bright border around the adhesive blog. Then readers can distinguish it from the latest releases. But you should know that the coding and theme should allow you to do it.


3. Republish your blogs


Publish the content as new again. Change the date and update the blog with the latest information. Ensure the following before proceeding.

  • You use as a permanent link structure. If you have the day/month in the URL and changed the date, you will get a 404 error in the links to the old posts. You will receive warnings from Google and this will also affect the ranking of your website.
  • The previous information should be deleted and updated with the last one.


4. Related Blogs


Use the built-in design feature or a dedicated add-on to get the job done. It will show a number of the related blog at the end of the current article by category or label. Some designs or add-ons allow you to select related publications that appear on each blog.

If they appear in the same category, readers are likely to access one of their earlier releases. Therefore, it will be a good example to regenerate traffic.


5. Follow-up Blogs


I have recently mentioned this strategy in one of my blogs. Instead of republishing the previous blog post, you can create a new post with updated information and link it to the previous content.

The latter can be treated as a follow-up blog, and I have linked it. This method is completely different from the internal linking, here we have created a new release with a clear intention to link it to the previous one.


6. Revive Old Post Wp Plugin


It is a must-have plugin with lots of customization option for your WordPress.


7. Social Media Sharing


Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and others contain groups in different categories. Join the communities in your niche and share your old posts according to their rules and regulations. Some groups do not allow self-promotion, their violation leads to the receipt of the spam badge and the final elimination of the group.


Reuse your old blogs


8. Flipboard


Flipboard is my favorite news aggregation site, where you can collect and store stories on various topics. It can bring massive traffic to websites.


9. Email Marketing


According to recent research, email marketing is the most effective way to promote products and content. Guaranteed a nominal result for all your efforts. Promote your previous blog posts as well as your trending topics.


10. Pinterest


Reuse your old blogs

Pictures are excellent sources of traffic. Always try to add a nice and relevant image to your blog posts. Attach your old blog posts to a Pinterest board. The photo-sharing website is the main goal for bloggers for promotions.

Follow the above tips carefully and get traffic on the blog. Do you have something else to share? Feel free to share your comments in the comments section.


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