Three Factors of Quality Score You Should Focus – Adwords Tips

Quality score is a term in Adwords to determine your CPC. Your QS depends on multiple factors and today you are going to read those three factors which are very important to improve your CTR.


  1. Landing Page Quality (Most Transparency and No Shading Stuff)
  2. Semantic Relevance (Mostly Ad Grouping)
  3. Historical CTRs (Ad Copywriting)


How to improve landing pages to get good Quality Score?


Your landing page is the URL people arrive at after they click your ad and the experience you offer affects your Ad Rank and therefore your CPC and position in the Ad auction.

Your ads may show less often (or not at all) if they point to a website that offers a poor user experience.


Following steps will help you to improve your landing page experience:


1- Offer relevant, useful and original content.

  • Make sure your landing page is relevant to your ad text and keyword.
  • Always try to provide useful information on your landing page.
  • Try to offer useful features or content that are unique to your website.

2- Promote transparency and countable trustworthiness on your website.

  • Share information about your business.
  • Explain exactly what your business does.
  • Explain the feature of products or the services before asking any information from the customers or visitors.
  • Make it accessible your content information for visitors.
  • Always mention your agenda that why are you asking the visitor’s contact information.
  • Distinguish sponsored links ads from of your website content or landing page content.

3- Make website and computer navigation easy.

  • Don’t frustrate your visitors with pop-ups or another features the interface with their navigation of your website.
  • Help visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for.

4- Improve landing page performance by decreasing your landing page loading time.

  • Help visitors to quickly find what they are looking for.

5- Make your website fast.



2- Semantic Relevance – How relevant a keyword is to search query.


There is one thumb rule that you should always “group keywords by ad content, not keywords”. Because it’s a group of ” Ad “, not “keyword” group.

You should take a list of keywords and group them by themes then writes an ad for them.


What is the correct way to group keyword?


Following is the best way to group keywords:


Step 1: Pick a keyword.

Step 2: Write the best possible Ad you can write for that keyword.

Step 3: Find other keywords that match the Ad.


Note: Don’t add more than 10 keywords in an Ad Group and keep refining your Ad over and over again.



3- Historical CTRs


It is the most important factor that influences Quality Score. In fact, you can consider your quality score to be a direct measure of your CTR.

The low QS indicates that your CTRs are lower than those achieved by other advertisers in your space.



How Google evaluates your CTR at all levels?


  • Display URL CTR
  • Individual Keyword CTR
  • Ad Group CTR
  • Account CTR
  • Keyword CTR by geographical locations.
  • CTR by placement (Display Network Website)
  • CTR by a device you are targeting.


Google will use your recent historical CTR data of the keyword in your account if there is any.

If there is no history for the keyword, they might use the Ad groups history.

If the Ad Group has no history, they might use the campaign history.

If the campaign has no history, they might use your whole account’s history.

And if they don’t use any of these the will most certainly use the average history of other advertisers in your space.

Simple, If it’s poor – you will get poor Quality Score and then you’ll need to prove to Google that you are above the hand.


What is Good CTR?


Good CTR depends on your competitors. You need to outperform them.

For search ads, any thing below 1% is bad CTR and it’s unacceptable.


#Adrank Formula


quality score adrank formula
Image Credits:- Search Engine Land

Quick Review:


1 – Check that landing page is fine (unless Quality Score is 1/10, usually you are fine).

2- Regroup your Ad Group, Having one keyword per ad group is not perfect.

3- Always focus on CTR for the rest of Ad Groups life.