How SEO Strategy Can Increase Your Profit!

I believe you are here because you know what is the value of SEO in business growth but if you know how to plan the best SEO strategy than no one can beat you and definitely you’ll get success.

SEO Strategy 2017-18
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These days everyone knows that how to do SEO or the process of SEO but very fewer people know that the what is the best SEO strategy for their business.

We know that doctor is a contact point for any illness but which Doctor? This same condition applies in the internet marketing world, you are looking for SEO but to whom will you contact for best SEO services.

You know medicine is the solution for your illness but which medicine? This same condition applies in SEO, you need SEO person but which SEO person who can grow your dream business and provide the best SEO solution your business.

Earlier, I also believed that SEO techniques are same and everyone can do SEO if they know Technical SEO, Keyword Optimization, Blog Submission, Generate Backlinks and all.

But I was wrong because when I’ve started doing multiple projects and came to know that every business needs a different strategy to grow.

SEO Strategy Can Increase Your Profit!

SEO Strategy 2017-18-19
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Yes, It’s true SEO strategy can increase your profit because if you have a planned strategy then you can save your time and money. You can put your 100% efforts according to that strategy and you can save your time because now you are not wasting your time into some testing and waiting for the results.

It’s my advice if you are going to start SEO for any website then research about the Business, Analyze the competitors, Analyze traffic history in Google Analytics then plan and implement your SEO knowledge.

We know SEO took time to show the result but many times it took very long because of wrong strategic planning and you lost your clients and your trust in the market.

According to the Forbes, These are:

12 Most Effective SEO Strategies For 2017

  1. Optimize for mobile search and browsing.
  2. Engage in intentional link building.
  3. Optimize for voice search.
  4. Optimize for Rich Answers.
  5. Consider using shorter URLs.
  6. Local optimization is a must.
  7. Focus on improving the user experience.
  8. Use related keywords in your content.
  9. Write longer content.
  10. Speed up your site.
  11. Aim for high topical authority.
  12. Focus on user intent

Read Full Article, HERE

Trust me!

In SEO, Content is a game changer and we also know that content is king but for me, Quality is King (Quality Content)

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There’s no doubt all of us want our content to be ranked on Google.


The ultimate question is “How?”.


“If you read a story and you find that story is interesting and easy to understand. Means you like this story and you’ll refer to your friends and mention somewhere.

Now if search engine crawler understands your content and like your content then it’ll rank you up and readers will share your content and you’ll generate backlinks.”

This is a very simple example to make you understand that write quality content on your website, optimize that content accordingly to your business needs and generate quality backlinks.

How to Create an SEO strategy 2017(Video)


According to me, the best SEO Strategy works on these four pillars.

  1. Find Keywords That You Can Actually Rank For
  2. Create Content Assets About Your Keywords
  3. Promote Your Content Assets
  4. Make Sure Users Love Your Website

Believe me, this strategy has helped me generate millions of new organic search visitors for my clients, niche sites and I am sure it’ll work for you 🙂