Search Engine Optimization – Top 3 SEO Strategies

SEO Strategies, how to make sure you get to the top of search results for any keywords you’re targeting?

SEO Strategies

1-Quality Content

People love to talk about how to “hack” SEO Strategies with black and white hat techniques but we have to be real here. Getting the top search engine ranking is 9/10 about the content. To get to the top you need to find the current top search results and try to offer 10x better content than what is currently there.

Google doesn’t want more content, it wants BETTER content. After sorting through literally millions of pieces of content daily Googles algorithm knows what good, valuable content looks like. It seems to love lists and content that breaks things down for the user.

2-Quality Backlinks

Another thing Google uses to qualify content is the places that backlink to it.

For example, If you write articles on sports and routinely get backlinks from Star Sports you can be assured google is going to give authority to your content and rank it higher because it already blows Star Sports is one of the highest authorities on sports content. Getting a backlink for a highly authoritative source can be on of the best things that can.

So reach out to a few well-known sites that offer similar content to yours and ask if you can guest blog, or ask for them to post a backlink. I’d try to get at least 10 highly authoritative backlinks. You can also use things like quora and reference your domain at the bottom of your answer. You can also use other content distribution channels like Medium to share your content.

Avoid link farms, Google can actually discount your site’s authority for having a bunch inbound links coming from site unrelated to yours, it really is a waste of money. Again, it’s not about quantity here, it’s about a quality of the links.


Google has more recently started to look at your contents virility. If it’s getting shared often on social then Google has the ability to notice it and give your content more weight.

Sure, you can and should also include the old school techniques of increased keyword density, meta/description tags, backlinking your own content and other white hat techniques. It really comes down to the quality of the content and if it’s being validated by the public and the existing authorities on the subject.

The internet is full of content, and there is more and more being added at an increasing rate. Do your part to improve it by added content that creates value and you will be rewarded.

Google has truly shifted its algorithms to align with what’s best for the user if you can align it with you will be rewarded.

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