Applied All SEO Techniques But Search Ranking Is Not Increasing

Search Ranking Is Not Increasing But Why?

Search Ranking Is Not Increasing -

Today You are reading this blog because you are facing the same problem or you are curious about the post after reading its title “Applied All SEO Techniques But Search Ranking Is Not Increasing“.

I am getting various queries on a daily basis that “we are applying all seo techniques on our blogs but their search ranking is not increasing” and they don’t know what to do. So I have decided to publish this post because after gone through their website I came to know that they are using right tricks and tips but still they are not ranking better on google.

Sometimes we follow each and every step as our mentor guide us to do but we left few small and important activities to perform because we assume that there is no use of it but trust me these small steps also very important in search engine optimization of any blog or website And there is a thumb rule for SEO that doesn’t lose hope, always perform regular activities of SEO and be patient for better results.

Following are the eight small and important steps, Try it and wait for better results.

1- Create How to (apply online/offline) pages if possible else a section under the post.

2- Find Do-Follow forums and get into the discussion for better engagement.

3- Categorize Posts.

4- Use nearly same keywords in URL as mentioned in Title.

5- Do a keyword research before adding it into URL/Title/H1 or page content. Sometimes synonyms have better engagement and searches.

6- Use images with ALT Markup.

7- Drive traffic from social pages.

8- Under the social sharing bar gets WhatsApp as well.

Apart from these simple steps, Remember to perform these activities also:

1- Start acquiring backlinks from high authority websites.

2- Create an attractive social media page. Make your social profiles strong and go bigger.

3-  Always try to make your posts searchable around most searched keywords

4- Need to remember that quality is always above quantity. A nice and worth-reading post of 2000 words delivers better results than 8 posts of 300 words written in regular intervals.

These are few suggestions which I came across in recent few years and trust me you will get better results after applying these addon steps of SEO.

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