Can You Rank Your Website On Google Without Backlinks?

Backlinks Mean Popularity

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Backlinks are a most extensive SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) method and if you will overlook it then it will be little tough to rank but you can do if your Niche & Keyword is Less competitive.

How to Optimize your Keyword for better SEO?

Try to understand very clearly this technique because it is most important and need to perform on regular basis. If you are going to write the content then before writing content go to Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, or Long Tail Pro and Search your phrase or Keyword and see monthly searches and competition, Find out all Less competitive and High Monthly Searches (Volume) keyword and Save in Notepad. But don’t forget after saving that notepad 🙂

Once you have a list of keywords and you have copied keywords, Now you have to write your article or post by those keywords with proper optimization.Now you need to follow these steps for better optimization, let’s see what steps you have to follow.

  1. The first thing you should know don’t keyword stuffing, your keyword destiny should be less than 4%
  2. Add your keyword in Title, Permalink, and Meta (Search) Description.
  3. Add your Keyword in a First and Last paragraph of your Article.

How to Rank Faster in Google Search with Long-Tail Keyword?

Assume, your keyword is “Nike Shoe” it’s mean you wanna rank on Nike Shoe in Google and what do you think will your rank? I think your answer should be NO isn’t?

Yeah, It will be impracticable to rank without Backlinks or Link building but if you will choose keyword something like this: – Best Nike Shoe of 2017, Nike Shoe For Running etc. then it will be obvious and you can rank on this type of Long-Tail Keywords.

If you will do 90-100% (More) effort into rank Nike Shoe then there is no surety for ranking but if you will use Best Nike Shoe of 2017 then it will be easy to rank with 20-30% (Less) Effort. In first keyword searches whose be very high and in second keyword Searches whose be less than first. (You can drive good traffic with the second keyword with less labor).

So, you have to find less competitive keyword then after using those keywords in the post with the long tail keyword.

In this way you can enhance your Ranking in Search Engines, If you will add your blog link in your social networking profile (LinkedIn, Facebook, Stumble upon, Reddit, Digg, Google+ etc. ) then I’ll be perfect.

Some Additional Tips

  • Try to do a blog on any particular niche doesn’t start your blog on multi-niche.
  • Try to add your primary keyword in your domain name.
  • Work with patience with passion.

I believe this blog about backlinks will help you a lot 🙂

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