Rand Fishkin Quits Moz and Plans a New Start-Up

After 17 years in the company he co-founded, Rand Fishkin Quits Moz and creates a new business around the influence and intelligence of the public.

Rand Fishkin Quits Moz
Rand Fishkin Quits Moz

Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz, announced his new company after leaving official operation in Moz yesterday. He founds a company called SparkToro, a technology platform in the area of audience intelligence marketing and influencers.

Fishkin launched the well-known SEO platform more than a decade ago with his mother Gillian. In fact, he left the university 17 years ago to do business, now known as Moz. Last July, we knew that he would leave Moz after resigning as CEO in 2014.

Fishkin described his departure from Moz as 4 out of 10 on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 “pulled out and escorted out of the building for safety, and where 10” is left completely alone in wonderful conditions “. wrote:

That makes things difficult today, cognitively and emotionally. I have a lot of sadness, a lot of regret and a little grudge. But I am deeply grateful to all who have supported me and Moz for the past two decades. The experience of building such a business, helping to change and mature an industry, learning a lot about entrepreneurship, marketing and myself was an honor and a privilege.

Mr. Fishkin said that he still held about 24% of Moz in outstanding shares, that he was still chairman of Moz’s board and that he remained the largest single shareholder. Because of his participation and those present, Fishkin says he wants to see Moz that he succeeds and continues to do well.

Read more about Fishkin’s thoughts on the launch and his plans for the future in his new startup blog.

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