Top 7 Plugins Must Have In Your WordPress Blog

I am going to be taking about top seven plugins today!. we should use these plugins for every WordPress website. How to websites made easy on all of our own websites you should be looking to try and use some, if not all of these plugins as they will really benefit your business grow your audience and drive more traffic to your website follow along with me step by step as I take you through each plugin explaining how they work and the benefits for you will start to say.

Also every plugin. In our top seven is completely free. So let’s dive straight in with number seven.

7- SEO Friendly images

On number seven is SEO Friendly Images and this nifty little plugin basically improves traffic from search engines which is exactly what we want Aesir friendly images automatically updates all your images on a website with proper alt. And Title actually uses for ASIO purposes.

The old attribute is an important part of search engine optimization. It describes your images to search engines. So that when users search for a certain image. This is a key determining factor for a matching title also plays an important role as this text will automatically appear in the tool tip when the mouse is over the image a simple plugin but extremely effective for getting your images to show up in search results and driving, even more, traffic to your website.

6- WP Socializer

Our number six plugin is WP Socializer a super cool plugin which inserts social bookmarking and sharing buttons as well as floating widgets customizable share bar and shortcodes.

You can insert these buttons into your posts sidebars so people visiting your website can easily like and share your content. To friends and social media. There are lots of social bookmarking buttons available which could be used in many possible ways rearrange how you like and used as required. I found it to be a very powerful plugin to use.

5- Contact Form 7

Number five is Contact Form 7 this plugin enables you to add a contact form to your website. It’s super easy to use once installed or you do is head over to contact and you can either at the existing contact form to how you would like or to create one from scratch.

You just click on Add new or the top pair then just edit this text and add in any more you want for your form easily. You can use contact form 7 to add a leader magnet to your website having a lead magnet is incredibly important for the success of your business and website is the difference between a few subscribers a day to hundreds

4- Yost Google SEO

At number four is Yost Google SEO. Which is the most complete WordPress blog and that exists today it incorporates everything from a Google snippet preview and page analysis functionality which helps you optimize your page content image titles matter descriptions and a lot more as well as loads of optimization options in between.WordPress as SEO also lets you set templates for titles and mete descriptions. So you can come up with a template and I have to think about it

WordPress as SEO also lets you set templates for titles and mete descriptions. So you can come up with a template and I have to think about it

3- SumoMe

Next is number three i.e SumoMe and you do not want to miss this plugin  and it’s literally doubled our e-mail locked in subscribers.

Since we started using it. It’s called Tsunami list builder and for good reason, list builder converts one-time visitors into lifelong readers and email. Because we all work hard to get people to visit our sites this beautiful list build a light box make sure that your visitors subscribe to your email list and come back for more it detects the exact moment when visitors are about to leave and immediately a light box pops up asking for the visitor’s email address

This is often for something that they just can’t refuse because it’s something so valuable. It’s also completely customizable and free. This is huge and can be a game changer for your business if done correctly.

2-Google XML Sitemaps

On number two is Google XML Sitemaps and at first this plugin might look a bit confusing but don’t worry it really isn’t this plugin generates XML  Sitemaps which means it helps search engines like Google index your website much better. And for the information on your sites to be retrieved more efficiently which results in much more traffic and high rankings in search results. Who doesn’t want that? Well, this plugin does exactly that. So I definitely suggest going to have a look out. Google XML Sitemaps.

1- Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

OK here we are at number one, our number one plug in and this is our most powerful and favorite plug and it’s definitely one you should be using as it will benefit your business like nothing else it’s the game changer plug in MonsterInsights Google Analytics start tracking your visitors.
What are they doing on your site who are they? Where are they from. And what are they actually using to visit your website having MonsterInsights Google Analytics allows you to know your audience because no two people think exactly alike having analytics helps you analyze visitor traffic and paint a complete picture of your audience. Wherever they are on your website you can literally see what people are visiting your site or up to analytics lets you make a visual assessment of how your visitors. Interact with your pages. So you can learn what they’re looking for and what they like then tailor your marketing activities knowing all of this makes it easier to serve your current customers as well as win new ones used to Google Analytics plugin

You’ve learned about some amazing new plugins that you can start using today. If you found this helpful. Please share your valuable comments and don’t forget to share with your friends.

6 thoughts on “Top 7 Plugins Must Have In Your WordPress Blog

  1. Nadine Reply

    I was just looking at your Top 7 Must Have Plugins For Every WordPress Blog website and see that your website has the potential to become very popular. Thanks and keep posting.

  2. Ricky Figueroa Reply

    Hey Prakhar,

    I would definitely add a few other tools that we love at Blog Launch Insider. Here are some of them (premium plugins):

    1. All plugins from ThriveThemes
    2. OptimizePress 2.0
    3. Wishlist Member
    4. Social Warfare
    5. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (free)
    6. PushCrew (free and premium)
    7. Yoast SEO (free)

    Just to name a few 😉

  3. Teresa Reply

    Hello my name is Teresa and I just wanted to drop you a quick message here instead of calling you. I discovered your Top 7 Must Have Plugins For Every WordPress Blog page and noticed you could have a lot more hits. I have found that the key to running a successful website is making sure the visitors you are getting are interested in your subject matter.

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