SEO Checklist 2017 : A Quick Check List For On-Page SEO

SEO Checklist 2017 

A handy SEO checklist to help you optimize your SEO campaigns better. Following are:

Meta Description Checklist

1- URL: Your target search phrase or keyword should be included in the page URL

2- Title Page: Make sure that your HTML title copy includes your keyword or search phrase and it should be less than 70 characters.

3- Meta Description Tag: There should be unique meta description in your page that includes your keyword and it shouldn’t longer than 160 characters.

4- Image Alt Text: The image alt text includes your keyword.

On-Page SEO Checklist

5- Content should be fresh with minimum 500 relevant words without any spelling mistake and bad grammar.

6- Your keyword or target search phrase should be included in page headline or sub-headline.

7- Make sure that you are repeating your keyword or target search phrase 3 to 10 times within body copy.

8- Make sure your content is reader-friendly and don’t over-saturate your content within your keyword only because of this mistake you’ll be downgraded to spam by google.

9- Your page includes relevant images and images should be fresh, if you are borrowing images from other sources then don’t forget to mention link of image source in a caption.

10- The content on your page should be so informational or inspiring that visitors can help themselves but to share and post elsewhere.

11- Your page includes user discussion or reviews, as active visitor interaction is scored higher than static pages.

12- Links From Copy: Your page includes relevant links to other pages on your site.

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