Now You Can Ask Questions In Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Ask Questions
Instagram Ask Questions New Feature

It seems Instagram is on the news every other day. Highlights include the new Lite and IGTV apps, but there are several dashed Instagram app settings. Now Instagram, Facebook’s photo and video sharing service, has a new feature: the ability to ask questions in stories. The feature is called “Ask Question” and has been introduced at least for Android users.

There are already yes / no surveys and emoji cursors (yes, it’s something) that can be used with questions; The new aspect here is open questions. This will allow your subscribers’ answers to be as long as they want.

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Instagram Ask Questions
Instagram Ask Questions Stories Mode


Instagram Stories itself has proven to be quite a popular feature among users. Recently, the company announced that the feature is being used by more than 400 million users every day. Stories have recently won music stickers.

The function does not seem to be extended for everyone yet. I can not see it in my application, and only one reader has informed us.

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