My Life As A Digital Marketer

Life As A Digital Marketer

I don’t know about you and other digital marketers, but when I tell people I’m in digital marketing most of them say something to the effect of, “Oh that’s cool…so how’s your life as a digital marketer and what do you actually do?”

Here’s the short answer:

Writing, Designing, Consulting, Advising, Coding (Occasionally), Project Managing, Reporting, Tweeting, Posting and Study More & More.

As digital marketers, we pride ourselves on coming up with fresh ideas. It’s how we stay relevant, and it’s how we grow in our careers. Digital marketing is a short expression that encompasses a long list of skills.

An ordinary day ranges from writing tweets to posting blogs to reporting on campaign results to the client.

Yes, It’s creative,

It’s fun,

It’s fast-paced,

This blog is for you if you’re interested in a career in digital marketing.

Digital marketers master the secrets of the digital world to achieve their objectives and drive their businesses forward.

The digital marketer’s role is amazingly entrepreneurial in several different perspectives. In today’s digital environment, I believe that more fresh graduates should look for jobs in the industry of digital marketing. It’s a field with a great amount of potential and a lot of opportunity for growth.

Life As A Digital Marketer

My life as a digital marketing professional is thick with communication and creative strategy building. The days usually consist of helping people understand that to be truly effective with their online sales initiatives; they need to build relationships, influence, and patience.

In this technologically driven transmission environment, being impatient will lead to frustration, early campaign abandonment, and unmet expectations. Understanding & embracing today’s human buying behavior is key to digital sales success. People want to be in control of their buying decisions and it’s my job to create a top-of-mind presence.

Mostly, I identified a goal, reviewed history, and researched what others are doing, then I set my objectives, budget, and timelines for the campaigns. I always create a plan that includes:

1- The GoalMarketing aspirations in relation to sales goals (be realistic)

2- Identified Target MarketIn order to market product or service, it is imperative that you tailor your marketing and sales efforts to specifically reach the segment of a population that will most likely buy your product or service. It is critical that you first determine or clearly identify your primary market. Your energies and funds then can be spent more efficiently.

3- Budget Planning I always create a marketing budget plan, which is broken up by categories.

4- AccountabilityDelegationThe team

5- BrandSpecific To The Campaign

6- Keywords Targeted ContentI always try to create and manage content which defines the keywords, tone and CTA’s

7- Marketing & Promotion ToolsTools include social media, newsletters, video, website, blog, coupons, etc.

8- Timelines & Milestones

9- Pre-launch TeasersDigital Marketing is frequently used by many companies to create buzz for pre-launch activities. Teaser campaigns, microsites, banner ads, social media, Mobile marketing & others are some of the methods used for buzz building.

10- Launch

11- Keep The MomentumAlways plan to keep the interest in the campaign to get the most of its time.

12-Tracking, Measuring & Analytics

13- Post-Campaign Meeting To Discuss Results Archive the history you’ll start from next time.

Our jobs & life as a digital marketer are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them do so. This is where the fun begins. Digital marketers are busy folks, and it’s very simple – As a digital marketer you Wake up, Eat Breakfast, And Strap yourself into your desk!  🙂

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