50 Marketing Habits Every Business Should Have

Marketing habits mean a process that should be followed by every Marketer, Entrepreneur, or Any Successful Business. Making a habit of each of these marketing tasks can help you build a loyal customer base. Take on a habit a month and see the difference. It’s not Mandatory but it’s a good habit for your business.

I think if you stop bad habits, and you stop long enough, you develop good habits. – Jordan Knight

Marketing Habits

1- Start Fresh Every Day.
2- Get And Use Business Cards.
3- Write A Blog And Share Helpful Info Weekly.
4- Listen To Your Customers.
5- Keep An Ongoing List Of Creative Ideas.
6- Read A Popular Business Book For Inspiration.
7- Create A Facebook Business Profile.
8- Create A Twitter Profile.
9- Create Pinterest Profile.
10- Create An Instagram Profile.
11- Create A Google+ Page.
12- Join Google+ Communities To Network.
13- Use Your Social Media To Engage Fans.
14- Send An Email Newsletter.
15- Use Your Social Media To Provide Customer Service.
16- Collect Email Addresses.
17- Offer A Discount Or Special Offer.
18- Host A Giveaway.
19- Ask Customers For Referrals.
20- Ask Freinds And Family For Referrals.
21- Create A Referral Network With Other Professionals.
22- Ask Customers For Testimonials.
23 Sponsor A Cause Or Local Event.
24- Get Interviewed On A Blog, Magazine, Or Podcast.
25- Use SEO To Drive Traffic.
26- Network With Other Business Owners.
27- Use Google Adwords.
28- Advertise On Facebook.
29- Advertise On Twitter.
30- Advertise On LinkedIn.
31- Network In LinkedIn Groups.
32- Advertise On Pinterest.
33- Segment Your Advertising : New & Existing Customers + Your Email List.
34- Add A Retargeting Pixel To Your Website To Advertise To Website Visitors.
35- Attend A Network Event.
36- Offer A Freebie To Fans.
37- Thank Your Customers.
38- Review Competitors, See What Is Working And What Is Not.
39- Host An Online Workshop, Webinar, Or Training.
40- Write A Guest Blog.
41- Submit Articles To Large Websites Like Huffington Post.
42- write A Press Release.
43- Ask Customers For Feedback.
44- Use Videos To Market Your Business.
45- Network In Facebook Group.
46- Create Your Own Facebook Group.
47- Offer An Affiliate Program.
48- Ask Another Business To Promote Your Business.
49- Send Personal Cards To Customers.
50- Most Importantly, Every Day Provide Value.

Bonus Marketing Habits- Don’t Forget To Share Your Valuable Comments After Reading Any Article Or Blog.Thanks For Reading.

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