Is it Really Possible to Make Money Online in 2017-18?

Make Money Online is certainly the one addiction I cannot shake

Do You Want to Make Money Online With Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing, it’s huge and there are people who make like 20,000$ or 30,000$ per day and more. Maybe you said I am crazy but it’s true.

The problem is that in this field success kiss the feet who never give up, and it’s not easy. Trust Me!

Ignore those who talk about millions and tens of thousands a day – and focus instead on learning the basics and getting your plan in place with realistic goals.

This is not a rocket science – but it’s not a dream you chase, either. A mentor may help in the future but they can’t lead you to success by the hand.


There are no push button methods.

Buying Mentoring might not be a good idea if you are totally new.

Let me ask you two question…………

1. Do you want to quit your day job?

  • If the answer is YES, the second question comes….

2. Why do you want to quit your day job?????

  • Well, there might be a lot of things you can say but all the answer will point to a single major reason, you do not love your day job.

We, human made this virtual world and our basic human instinct also apply here. If you do not love something here, it will be much harder for you to keep going. Here no one will be to supervise you works unlike a day job a boss is always around and he ensures that you work each day and you fulfill your daily task. So if you do not have

Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. Andy Warhol

So if you do not have a love for the work your productivity will be declined over days. Eventually, you will find much more hard days as you experience now with your day job.

Here I did not want you to discourage to think that it is not something for you, I wanted to let you understand, you just need to pick up a niche that you love and have passion.

My point is, here ( online or offline alike ) you have to work hard to get a result. If you do not work hard any program, no mentor will be able to help you and if you do not have passion you will never be able to work hard.

After doing your research you will have to decide what method or business model you’re going to focus on.

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Make Money Online is certainly the one addiction I cannot shake – DigitalPrakhar

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