Is Digital Marketing A Skill, Knowledge or A Strategy that people with experience can only bring in?

Is Digital Marketing A Skill?

Is Digital Marketing

First, is Digital Marketing is a Skill + Knowledge + Strategy

“Skill” is something a youngster is very good at, in terms of application (Speed for instance).

“Knowledge” and ideas to accomplish things with brilliance develops through time. So, Knowledge is never a constant. What you know today is lesser to what you may know tomorrow. So, yes. What you do after a year will be at an expert level to what you do today. This is not only in Digital Marketing, it is applicable to most skill-based areas.

“Strategy” is definitely for “those with experience”. As an example, a Cricket Team or Football Team may have many young players. But in terms of strategy and decision-making (“Game Plan”), it is the Captain, the Coach and the Manager to decide. These days, even in sports you have a Decision Support Team, a team that has computational strategic analysts.

For example- If you want to increase the number of visitors coming to your website to 2x, what will you do? That depends on. Do you have the basic idea of digital marketing and have you read various case studies regarding this? This is the knowledge part.

Now,you know you have to increase your traffic to 2x. What will be your approach? Will you improve your landing page; promote more content, promote in social media and bring the traffic from there to your landing page? Well, the method will be different for each scenario. This is where skill and strategy combine.

Is Digital Marketing A Skill? Really!

“Digital Marketing is a strategy which needs the knowledge to get the right skill.”

If you are expertise in digital marketing you will have good opportunities, you just need to create yourself aware in this industry. The best ways which can help you to get best opportunities in digital marketing are:

  1. Stay updated – If you want to be in the industry you need to be updated about the new trends in digital marketing.
  2. Networking – is one of the best steps to get best opportunities. Surround yourself with people more talented than yourself. The people you meet will be your ongoing support network.
  3. Start your own Blog – Start writing blogs about your projects you are working which can help you to represent yourself in the industry.
  4. Add your versatile digital marketing experience to your resume which could make you stand out different from others.
  5. Certification – If you want to stand out different in the industry you can go for digital marketing certification which could help you out to get better opportunities.
  6. Start sharing your experience on your blog or on social media by updating your projects.
  7. Start creating your experience by creating a post on Linkedin which can help you out to stand out different among the market.

So having a certification is a plus point to your resume & which can also help you to learn digital marketing skills but if are looking to pursue your job in this field you must have practical knowledge which can help you out.

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