Best Way To Improve Link Influence Score – What is LIS in SEO?

What is Link Influence Score?

Basically, The Link Influence Score (LIS) is a value that indicates the influence of a linking page on search ranking for a particular page that linked to it. LIS, only calculated upon the quantity & quality of website links that linked to a website web page, and this LIS generally expressed in percentage value.

Link Influence Score
Image Courtesy: SEOProfiler Blog

When you think about link building process and comes to the process then there’s a lot to keep track of and today process is a pretty different from what it was a few years back.

In Above Image, There are two new columns that help you to judge the quality of a link more quickly:

As the Link Influence Score is a metric that shows the trust level of your website. The higher the Link Influence Score, the more likely it is that a link from the website has a positive effect on the search engine rankings of your website.

You should understand that Link Influence Score is only calculated based on the quality and the number of links that indicate to a website. It ranges from ranges from 0-100% and if you have a high score in LIS, it means you have good ranks and better link influence rank.

I hope, Now you are clear about that What is a Link Influence Score? but still, you are confused then post your comments to discuss more the topic.

Now Let’s Understand What is Google Page Rank? and How is it Associated With LIS?

Google Page Rank: The Page Rank is a popularity number created by Google that measures the quality and quantity of inbound links. PageRank is a logarithmic scale.

Basically, A Page Rank of PR5 is several magnitudes greater than a PR4. The Page Rank numbers that Google publishes aren’t necessarily the Page Rank numbers that Google uses internally.

Watch This Video To Understand “The Evolution of Search

How To Get Backlink Suggestions?

If you are familiar with SEOprofiler then you can use its feature called as backlink analysis tool SEOprofiler. Where you can easily export the weekly backlink opportunities into a CSV file. This CSV file contains additional information about each link.

For example, Just Go Through The Below Image:

Link Influence Score | Page Rank
Image Courtesy: SEOprofiler


How To Get Best Link Opportunities?

Simply you need to identify your top 10 competitors and then you need to analyze their backlinks and you need to watch competitor backlinks on regular basis.Because these top 10 of your competitors is determined by the number of unique backlinks to the competitor domains and that is the reason they are ranking good because of unique and good backlinks. Identify them and target them, But how? – See Infographic:

[ctt template=”8″ link=”9gaDi” via=”yes” ]The closer relation with your competitor is better to get backlink suggestions” – DigitalPrakhar[/ctt]

7 Ways To Get Backlinks

7 ways to get backlinks - Link Influence Rank


20 Attributes That Influence A Link’s Rank

Rand Fishkin has shared a most important article on MOZ blog about influence ranking, I am sharing this video with you because it can be helpful to understand that what are the attributes which influenced a link rank.

As yo know that SEO is critically important and but what are link building process and how to use them? watch this video and get a better understanding about link building process and the attributes that influence a link rank.

All right everyone. Hope that this is helpful for you. Please tell your friends and colleagues and share this helpful information with them.  🙂


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