The Power Of Social Media In Politics

The whole world of Digital Marketing is an ever-changing one where new technology joins with new ideas & approaches that create more opening for marketers. However, the more established means of digital marketing will still be prevalent in 2017, enlarged by new technology and strategy designed to give marketers an advantage.Social Media Politics

Social Media Politics

Before the arrival of the internet and social media, a politician had to be interviewed by the press which then replayed sections on radio or TV. Or, for print media would pull certain quotes and use them to create a story.

In few cases, a politician could write what’s known as a piece for the newspaper. But the topic matter could only cover a limited range and it still might be rejected by the editor. Even public speeches were only fully heard by those in attendance as the press would distribute the information through the major media markets.

The arrival of the internet changed the dynamic between politicians and the press as those who hold government office have a way to reach those in their community. The development of social media has now made it easier than ever for politicians to speak directly to the public.

How Politicians Use Social Media to their Benefits

Today, a typical politician or officeholder at the national, state or local level has some form of social media access. This can be through government sites or personal accounts that allow them to directly communicate with their constituency public. While there are different social media sites, the most popular such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn offer a direct access to voters in their community.

Social media’s role in terms of influencer marketing has grown considerably, although its effectiveness is often in the hands of the user.Social Media Politics

A Big Role of Twitter in Politics

Over the past few years, A large number of politicians have been using Twitter to get out their message.

While Twitter is limited to 140 characters, that seeming disadvantage is really a big advantage for politicians. It forces them to point their message down to the minimum number of words which provides greater precision.

There is no genuine example of a politician taking full advantage of Twitter than the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

An outsider who never held political office before, Donald Trump used Twitter in a way that created breaking news. Because his tweets were limited to 140 characters, his message was not only read by his followers, but the press would post the entire passage in their stories. Because Twitter allowed Trump’s message to go through unfiltered, it made a powerful impact in terms of voter engagement.

Donald Trump’s victory in becoming the first President in the modern era to have never held public office or have been a military general before was due in part to his use of Twitter to control the narrative. Today, he’s expanding his use of social media through YouTube by posting videos that reach millions of people.

Social Media Politics: The Influence Of Social Media On Politics

Another example is Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, He was the main and first person who uses social media power in 2014 election and rise as a great leader in India, Indians love and blessed him through social media and his party became a major party in 2014 elections.

After Narendra Modi, In India, all leaders or politicians are using social media for their branding and promotion.Social media is already changing the relationship between politicians and the press in terms of how to reach the public. Social Media Politics

Social Media Modi-Fication: Narendra Modi’s Use of Social Media in Indian Elections 2014

Not surprisingly the largest online community is of youngsters and the urban middle class in the age group of 18t035.

To ascertain the impact of ne% media tools and social media in use during the run-up to the 2-14 elections one may kindly refer the infographic above. One can see there has been a 51.9 percent increase in social media users in India over 2012 to15 with the increased sale in Smartphones, Mobile Internet traffic has surpassed Desktop Internet usage in India in an exponential growth graph.
Social Media Politics
The study certainly seems to echo the general euphoria over social networking as a Political tool. However, the number of Facebook users might not translate into any change in voting patterns – Though high in numbers, 7.8 crore facebookians, and 2crore twitteratis make up only 8.5%  of the total Indian population (Source: Media Politics
According to data provided by Twitter, Modi also added a record 1,04,861 followers on the day— the biggest single-day gain in the number of followers he’s seen since joining Twitter. His account has over 4.1 million followers on Twitter.

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