How To Use Google Trends – Boost Your Marketing

Google trends is a most powerful tool and the reason why Google Trends is such a unique tool because it’s the closest we can get to what people’s intents are and what they’re searching every day the reason is that Google trends have 50,000 searches every second that’s three and a half billion – Watch Full Video

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In Google Trends, You can choose not only Google search although you can look into you tube data, and image search.

What does Google Trends show?

Google trends show how often a particular search term is entered relative to the total search volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages.

How does Google search trends work?

When performing a search on Google Trends, you have the option to set four variables or parameters:

  • Web Search – Image search – News Search – Product Search – YouTube Search
  • Worldwide – Option to choose a specific Country
  • 2004-Present – Past 7 Days – 30 Days – 90 Days – 12 Months- Choose a Year
  • All Categories – Arts & Entertainment – Autos & Vehicles – Beauty & fitness – Books & literature Business & industrial – Computers & electronics – Finance – Food & drink – Games

You can compare up to five search terms or groupings at one time, with up to 25 search terms in each grouping.

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