Major Algorithm Update of March 2018 – Confirmed By Google

Google has confirmed that a MAJOR algorithm update was released last week.

Major algorithm Update

This is the kind of update that takes place several times a year, says Google, which could make one or more changes to the search results.

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Google told no specific information about the changes made. These can be targeted changes to specific enhancements or major changes that affect all search results.

Major algorithm Update

Major algorithm Update

Major algorithm Update

Websites may experience falls or profit because of changes that Google says are normal. It seems that the ratings will vary according to the classification of the pages before this update.

“There is nothing wrong with sites that might be not performing well right now, instead changes in our systems benefit sites that were previously poorly rewarded.”

If you notice that the ranking falls after this update, Google states that there is no other “solution” than “continue to create best quality content”.

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