Google Adwords:

Q1- What do you understand by Adwords?

Ans: Google designed Adwords with an aim to assist in marketing products or services in a search and its affiliated sites.

It places a text ad when people search for phrase associated with your offering.

Q2- Why are we using Google Adwords?

Ans: The traffic that comes through the google Adwords or PPC ads is dealt differently. The organic traffic that comes through the organic search often visits for more information, Whereas the traffic that comes through Google Adwords or PPC Ads knows that what they are clicking on and what they want to buy.

Therefore the visitors that comes through Google Adwords might be valuable than the organic traffic.

Q3- Explain the working of Adwords?

Ans: Google Adwords works on a bidding system, If your bidding is higher, your ad will appear on the top of google page.

Working on “Pay Per Click Model“, You only pay that amount you have bid if someone taps on your ad that appear on Google search engine result pages.

Q4- What is the meaning of Ad Rank?

Ans: AdRank decides the position of your ads on the google page. This is determined by your bid for that quality score and keywords.

Q5- What is the possible impact of Ad Rank on Cost Per Click?

Ans: Ad Rank defines the actual cost per click that your opponents pay when someone click on their ads.

The CPC can be calculated as price by you = The Ad Rank of the person below you / Your quality score + 0.01

Google Adwords CPC Formula
Image Courtesy: Digital Vidya

Q6- What is Quality Score in Adwords?

Ans: Google’s quality score determine the value of ads and keyword relevancy to the user on the basis of the quality of your landing page, keyword relevancy, and Ads CTR. Good quality score keywords will save your money and get better ad ranking.

Q7- What Is CTR?

Ans: Click Through Rate tells the number of visitors visited on your ad on the web page. The simple formula to calculate CTR is:

CTR = Clicks / Impressions x 100

The result will come in the percentage that will show you the percentage of visitors visited on your ad.

Q8- Explain the working of Google Auction?

Ans: An auction runs billions of time each month and the results such are that users find relevant what they are looking for. Google process the request and runs auction the determines the Ad Rank and CPC of each advertiser.

Q9- Do you know what an ad group is in Google Adwords?

Ans: Ad group is a container which contains your landing pages, ads, and keywords. Google rewards to those advertisers who prepared AdWords campaigns with tightly structured ad groups.

Adding all keywords into one ad group is not advisable rather it better to organize keywords into the themes.

Q10- What is the role of conversion optimizer in Adwords?

Ans: Conversion optimizer is a tool used by google AdWords for a bid manipulation and decides which click on an ad will be more valuable. this helps you get maximum on your investment.

Steps To Find Conversion Optimizer

Step 1: Click On Campaigns and choose any campaign

Step 2: Choose settings under selected campaign.

Step 3: Under setting, you need to choose bid strategy.

Step 4: Under Bid Strategy, yo will find “start with recommended bid “option, choose it and save.

Watch This Video For Help:

Video Courtesy: AdHawk Digital Marketing Agency

Q11- How can you improve conversion rate?

Ans: To target right user to your campaign for boosting conversions, One has to create ads that match properly with the keywords and create tightly themed ad groups.

Q12- What are Ad Extensions in Google Adwords?

Ans: Ad extension means you are adding extra pieces of information about the business to your ads, you’re giving customers more reasons to click.

There is two type of extensions:

1- Manual Extension

  • Apps
  • Calls
  • Locations
  • Reviews
  • Sitelinks
  • Callouts

2- Automated Extension

  • Consumer ratings
  • Previous visits
  • Seller ratings
  • Dynamic site link extensions
  • Dynamic structured snippets

Q 14: What types of keywords are there?

Ans: There is no definite type of keywords, however, they are classified on the basis of how likely is going to be clicked by visitors.

For instance,

  • Research Keywords: dress
  • Consideration: white dress
  • Purchase: buy white dress
  • Loyalty: This must be shorter – Forever21

Q 15: What do you understand by Google Ad API? What are the uses of Google Ad API?

Ans: Good Ad API is designed for representing large, tech-savvy advertisers and third parties. It allows developers build an application that directly coordinates with Google AdWords server.

With Google Ad API, one can build an application to do following things:

  • Develop additional applications and tools to manage accounts
  • Automatically generate landing pages, custom reports, ad text, and generate keywords.
  • Synchronize AdWors data with your inventory system to manage campaigns on the basis of the stock.