GoMedii Can Help You In Metro Cities
GoMedii  App Can Help You In Metro Cities



There’s no denying the attraction of living in a metro city. The buildings increase endlessly above, while the streets below hide millions of lives and stories. Metro cities truly are incredible places to live.

But these metro cities, by their nature, involve a lot of things and crowds are compressed into a small space. So what’re these all things doing to your health?

Yes, we all are familiar with the fact of living a super busy life in metro cities. Maximum people, who are living in metro cities, either work in the government sector or are from the corporate world. No matter what you are doing or where you work, sometimes we neglect our health.

Through this story, I want to share a short incident with you guys about how I manage to live a healthy life in a metro city.

“I am living with my family in Delhi-NCR with my family; I have my father, mother, working wife, and a 3-year kid. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant and my wife is an Asst. Professor in a college. After Diwali, there are several problems that are coming across our day to day life.

Sometimes my dad gets cold, sometimes my mom has a fever, or sometimes my small kid faces problems related to his health. With these problems, I wanted an easy way to have medicines and needful healthcare products from my nearby pharmacy delivered to my doorstep.

With these, all eagle eye search I found GoMedii which is powered by the intelligent systems that remember all my needful medicines and drugs. In this, you just have to order medicine online and take a relaxing breath. Not only the GoMedii app provides your medicine at your doorstep but also connects you with different doctors such as a physician, urologist, dentist, spine surgeon, orthopedics, and gynecologist nearby you which you can trust more.

The app has the simple process such as to upload a valid prescription including Doctor Name, Doctor Medical Registration Number, Patient Name, Gender, Age, Date, Hospital and Doctor’s Signature, List of Medicines (with dosage & duration).

Now, I am living a relaxing life with a magic button in my hands that can I use for order online medicine and appointment with a doctor.

All thanks to GoMedii for making my life more happening.