How To Get Ezine Articles Approval in 2 Minutes – Ezine Articles Checklist

Ezine Articles Approval in 2minutes


Save time and convince yourself with this checklist


Your time is valuable Making the most of your time to write properly saves you time. So, how do you write quality articles in less time? Plan and discover the article by writing secrets before you start writing!

A solid plan like a checklist will help you get to the next level. An excellent tool to help you create your own checklist:


The 2 Minute  Ezine Articles Approval Tips!


From my submission files, to find the most common reasons why articles were not approved during the initial editorial review, this 2-Minute Approval Tips blog is compressed to quickly provide you with the information you need and help you to write original and quality articles.

I take these tips and turn them into a simple checklist to make sure your items are approved for the first delivery.


Checklist With 2-minute Ezine Articles Approval Tips


1. Do the names of the line of the article and the resource field match to avoid confusing the authorship?

2. How many links are there in your article and are these links to reach your goal?

3. Do you provide detailed and informative content so your reader does not click?

4. Do you provide your own exclusive knowledge to benefit from your credibility and not from anyone else?

5. Is your article formatted to better inform and maintain your readers’ attention?

6. Is your resource box short and you can direct readers to your blog or website?

7. Does your article of course read or do your keywords break the natural flow?

8. Is your article available to a wide audience to increase your visibility?

9. Is the link in the text of your links natural and professional to readers?

10. Is the title of your article balanced with keywords that benefit the reader?

11. Is the message of your article clear with the correct use of the comma?

12. Do you follow the link guidelines of EzineArticles?

13. Are your links relevant and do you offer a high-quality user experience?

14. Do you use HTML? Is it properly formatted and balanced to attract attention?

15. Mention a place? Does your article contain specific and unique information?

16. Is your article independent without the reader referring to other content?

17. Is the title of your article free of special characters that can interfere with readability and syndication?

18. Is the summary of your article short, catchy and appealing to readers?

19. Have you checked your article for errors?

20. Does your article meet the minimum number of words with quality content?

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