How To Do Geo-Targeting or International Targeting With Google Search Console

GEO-Targeting With Google Search Console

Geo-targeting - International Targeting - Geographic Targeting | International Targeting

First, You need to understand that why should you use geo-targeting or geotargeting feature in google search console.

In google search console, You can target international audience and get traffic from another country bu using the geo-targeting feature.

For Example:

If your website is hosted in Mexico and your website aims specifically for business in Argentina then you can use the tools to have your website appear in local searches for Argentina by setting it to that country in the tools.

Exactly, Google’s search console or webmaster is designed to help you build your website but this tool is an add-on in that package with a particular country in order to enhance that website’s presence in the particular country’s local search result.

What Is Local Search?

A Local search is a search geared specifically toward a user’s physical address, usually, through the location of the server, he’s using.

How To Set Geographic Target In Google Search Console?

Following 05 Steps will help you to target International audience by using this:

STEP 1 – Go to the google search console site at

STEP 2 – Click on the left, Select Search Traffic>International Targeting

STEP 3 – Click on the “Country” tab.

STEP 4 – Select the region you want to target or select “Unlisted

STEP 5 –  Click “Save


The Advantage

You can experience better results in the Country Code Top-Level Domain of Google that has been targeted.

The Disadvantage

You won’t be able to see extensive results in the search engine rankings of other countries

What if I am Not Setting a Geographic Location?

If you don’t want to target a particular country, you just need to keep the box unchecked as shown in the figure given below:



You will be targeting a global audience, across all countries


You won’t be able to see extensive results in the search engine rankings in a particular country

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