How to Fix Your Ranking in 2018

I wanted to give some quick tips on some of the most common problems that can help you get better ranking right away.


Let’s go:

Follow your ranking correctly

Make sure you track your rankings with a ranking tracking tool. You need to measure the results to find out where you are, and rank tracking software will tell you exactly where you are. The best software is Google Webmaster.


Give the links time to marinate

Google may take a while to search for links and make changes so, be careful. A recent study found that Google needed up to 2 months to make changes to the position after creating links.

Sometimes the changes happen much faster, but keep in mind that it may take some time for you to see the changes.

Visit the website optimization again

You should check your optimization on the website and make sure that the keyword you want to rank matches exactly with your title. This means that you have your keyword on your title tag exactly as you want it to.

Correct the density of the words
Another problem we see is a keyword density of too high.

Generally SEO experts recommends that you include your exact keyword in your URL, title tag, description, and H1. This is no longer the case, because Google is in a total war against “optimization”.

What??? Google doesn’t like optimization? And the answer is YES. Then what should we do?

The solution: Enter and change certain things and search for synonyms!

Here’s an example of how to do it on the page:

If you put a page on “Best Gaming System”, do not bang on. Replace instances of this sentence with synonyms such as

“Recommended gaming laptop”
“Recommended gaming system”
“Top Gaming Consoles “

Google can now set synonyms so you can sort even the longest sentences.

Example: Look at the table under “Gaming System Recommendation”.

Notice how Google highlights the words “Console” and “PC,” because Google knows they’re very similar searches, even if the words are completely different.

Google treats the words “System” equivalent to “PC” and “Console” but only in the case of Gaming. The Google Algorithm knows what people are looking for under the Gaming System.

Make sure you do not keep pressing the same key phrase on your real website. Light it up, keep it up with class.

Do not optimize your back-link profile too much
No matter how many times we say it, we still find that people optimize their back-link profiles by creating a ton of accurate anchors. Just throwing an extra “click here” will not cut it.

Solution: Make a TON of un-optimized links

We recommend that you create a TON of links that are NOT optimized, so you do not have to worry so much about creating your anchors and exact match types. You want to “reload” your website with tons of these natural anchors.

What is a good way to do this? Personally, I like to get on many social profiles: these will be linked to your website, they will give you good brand signals and the links will be naked / not optimized.


Bad back-linking Method

Yes there are ways where google will know that your back-links are just for playing with keyword ranking.

Remember that creating links is like a gray SEO: they can not be done in extreme or you will get Google’s penalty and you can’t even undo it,

Make sure the links you create are natural and Google does not conclude that you are trying to change your search algorithm.

Any link to manipulating PageRank or ranking a website in Google’s search results may be considered part of a link schema and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This includes all behaviors that manipulate links to your site or outbound links to your site.


These changes might not effect your ranking instantly but it will benefit you in longer terms and you’ll be 90% better of the SEOs out there!


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