How To Write Your First WordPress Blog Post

Updated 2018: Great to see you again! In my previous articles, I have guided you that how can you install WordPress and start blogging. Now, you need to write your first WordPress blog post and take a step ahead in the blogging world.

First WordPress Blog Post

So if you’re just getting started with WordPress, one of the first things you’re going to want to learn is how to create a  First WordPress Blog Post and that’s what today’s blog is all about today.

I’m going to show you in this blog:-

  • How to title your post?
  • How to create some content?
  • how to put some pictures in your content?
  • How to create a featured image and even?
  • How to schedule your post to show up at a later date?

That’s all coming up next on this blog,  So when you first log-in to your website this is what you’re going to see in below screenshot, what’s called your dashboard

First WordPress Blog Post

And your dashboard going to look pretty much just like this now I’ve got a pretty wide monitor.

You might also have some different widgets sitting here than what I have depending on what theme you’re using for this demonstration I’m just using the basic twenty fifteen Word Press theme that just comes right out of the box when you install WordPress for the first time. ( People Also Reading: How To Boost WordPress Blog Post Title Free )

So if you’re using a different theme it might look ever so slightly different but all of the options that I teach you today are going to be basic WordPress processes that you can do with anything that you’re using no matter what.

So let’s jump right into this the first thing you want to do to create your new blog post is to go over to the left side and to hover over the word posts and when you hover over the word posts.

First WordPress Blog Post

There’s going to be a little fly out it’s going to give you these four options and the second one is Add new

First WordPress Blog Post

Now before you click that I want to show you one other option. Another way to get to add new and that’s just by clicking posts or all posts

First WordPress Blog Post

First WordPress Blog Post

If we do that you’ll be taken to a page that shows you all of the blog posts that you have so far and if this is your first, an attempt at a blog post. You’re probably already going to have a demo Post called Hello world and I’ll show you that now so if you click on all posts. It’s going to take you to a list of all of your post and there it is hello world is your first post. So before you jump into this any further. Let’s take a look at what our Web site looks like so far.

First WordPress Blog Post

Having not done anything at all this is the two thousand and fifteen WordPress thing right out of the box and here is what it looks like so far doesn’t have a lot of style or personality but it has the first post right here.

Hello, world welcome to WordPress as your first pro post. So we’re going to come back to this throughout today’s to Tauriel and read it develop as we put more options into this post so, for now, we’re going to go back to our editing side and to start a new post we can either click add new up here at the top or we can click add new over in the sidebar either one will go to the same place. I’ll click add new up here at the top

First WordPress Blog Post

And we are taken to the basic blank. WordPress blog post page and again no matter what scene you’re using it’s going to look pretty much just like this it may have a couple other options down here underneath but for today’s topic, that’s not going to matter.

So let me give you a really quick overview of the page at the top is a field where you would put you guessed it your blog post title

First WordPress Blog Post

And then right here is where you would put your content or your text and possibly some pictures

First WordPress Blog Post

 if you’d like some pictures in your post and then on the right side.  this is a little publishing area where you can save as a draft if you’re not ready to publish it yet you can publish it for immediate public viewing

First WordPress Blog Post

OR if you click PUBLISH-EDIT

First WordPress Blog Post

at you can also choose what day and time you would like this post to become public.

You can learn what these other options would be the next area is called categories and when I was preparing for today’s topic I was creating some categories that you could choose and I was thinking about if you had a blog about cooking.

You could have different options like chicken or vegetables or that type of thing. And so I created a category called a chicken that also created one called Blog.

First WordPress Blog Post

First WordPress Blog Post

The point of a category is to help separate the different topics that you write about so that readers can choose a category that’s interesting to them and so you’ll want to think through your categories and make sure that you make them in a logical order so that will help people find the content they’re looking for so in this case we’re just going to click blog now chances are you probably don’t have a category called blog yet so all you need to do is click add new category

First WordPress Blog Post

and type the word blog right here and

First WordPress Blog Post

Then click Add New Category.

First WordPress Blog Post

And it will automatically add it right here and check it and then you can on check anything else that you don’t want to be checked for example

First WordPress Blog Post

in my case like chicken and so than down here below.


Categories are tags and here these are just smaller ways to group things together by general topics. So you can put anything in tags for example if this is about cooking. You could tag it chicken.

First WordPress Blog Post

First WordPress Blog Post

You could tag it poultry you could tag it anything you want. That would help further identify what these top what this topic is so that people could find based on the tags later and then you can click the word Add in it will add whatever tags that you want to do.


And then down here is featured image will get to that in just a moment.

First WordPress Blog Post


So let me go back up to the top. I’m going to start by entering a title.

First WordPress Blog Post

So I’m going to call this First WordPress Blog Post. Now you can call it anything you like in fact I highly recommend actually that you write your content first and then come back and give it a title because when you get all done with your content.

Chances are you’ll be able to come up with a better title based on what you wrote so I recommend that you do that so the next thing you want to work on after you give it a title or even after you’ve come back and changed it later if you want to work on your content here.

So just like in Word or pages or whatever word processing program, you use you can just type in here anything you like now I’ve got some demo content that I’m just going to go ahead and paste here now just a bunch of Lorem Ipsum junk

First WordPress Blog Post


Next, I want to guide you how to add a picture to the content or even multiple pictures if you like so it’s really quite easy. What you do first is you put your cursor where you would like the picture to be.

For example, let’s say you like the picture in the start of content and click there

First WordPress Blog Post

and then move up to the ADD media button right here

First WordPress Blog Post

when you click on that you’re going to be taken to an A place where you can choose to upload a file from your computer and if you’d like to do that you can click this button and then it will give you the option to find where that picture is and you can upload it or you can go to your media library.

First WordPress Blog Post

 And choose from pictures that you’ve already uploaded previously

In my case, I’ve already got a picture that I’m going to use in my content here so I’m going to click on this picture

First WordPress Blog Post

and then over here on the right. It’s got a few options that you can customize. For example, you can put a title of the picture


And you can put all text in here as well I recommend that you put all text in there. What all text is going to show in a case for some reason the browser that someone is using doesn’t display your picture. This will also help with a search engine optimization So you want to put a title in there and for, in this case, I’m going to put my First WordPress Blog Post.

First WordPress Blog Post


You might want to use a caption for the picture

First WordPress Blog Post

you might not you might want to put a description but for today’s purposes. We’re not going to mess with that.


At the moment the next section here is called attachment display settings

First WordPress Blog Post

 Now, this is kind of important because this has to do with how the words in your blog post wrapped around the picture.

For example if you chose left as you can imagine the picture is going to be on the left and the content is going to be wrapping around it on the right center is going to be centering the picture and the contents going to be the picture and then right is going to be putting the picture on the right and the text on the left.

So, in this case, I think the left makes the most since I’m going to click that


And then this next option says link to and then you have options for media file attachment page custom U.R.L. or nine.

First WordPress Blog Post

 In most cases for all the people I’ve worked with the only two options, you would choose here would either be none or custom U.R.L. let me tell you what that means. This is referring to when someone clicks on that picture. What do you want to happen? Most often you don’t want anything to happen. So you would choose. None.

However, if you wanted them to be able to click on a picture and go somewhere, in that case, you would say link to custom U.R.LAnd then you would put in the address that you would like it to go to when they click on it so that’s pretty straightforward there in this case.


Now you get three sizes the top of being a Thumbnail 150X150, Medium is 300 X 230 and then Full Size. In this case the full size of the original picture which is 807 X 619.

Now you again if you have a different theme that you’re using you may have different options here as well but for me, I like to use the picture at the size that it originally came as for the most part. So I’m going to go ahead and click that because I want to show you how to change that later click full size and I’m going to click insert into post and in just a moment going to see this picture come in your content box

First WordPress Blog Post


You could also choose alignment options if you wanted to put your picture on the other side instead.

So let’s go back to the topic First WordPress Blog Post again and then the last thing I want to show you is how to publish this post.

First WordPress Blog Post

After clicking on PUBLISH Button, your First WordPress Blog Post is live.


 So before we end today’s topic I got one more thing I want to show you. And that’s called permalinks. Let me show you what that means.I want to show you this when I click on the name of the blog posting to the actual blog post page. Look up at URL in the address line.

First WordPress Blog Post

You see that the U.R.L. or the address that goes to this particular post is looking different and awkward. Let me show you how to change that permalink. if you go back to your editing page and go over to the left side in the left sidebar and you go down to settings.

First WordPress Blog Post

 When you hover over settings permalinks tab comes, you need to click permalinks. And then you will see the default setting will show similar to what you saw on the other page with the P. equals and a number.What we’d rather do is go and click on post name that way it will actually display the name of the post so click the post name button right there and then click Save changes

First WordPress Blog Post

and then when we go back to our site. I’m going to click the title of my first WordPress blog post.

Look how nice that is right there that comes up with the title. Instead of that crazy permalink

First WordPress Blog Post

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And I highly recommend that you do that right when you first start with your new site that way you don’t have to think about it and will be a lot easier for regular people to read. Well, that’s all we have for today’s blog. For any kind of support regarding this blog, you can write me at

Thank you so much for reading this blog as usual you can support me in a number of different ways like share this blog on Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn with your friends and comment on this blog in comment box , you can also subscribe to my blogs so that you can be notified every time you come out with new content.



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