The Difference Between Articles And Blogs

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Here is a summary for you and a clear picture of the difference between articles and blogs:




  • Blogs are built around SEO keywords.
  • Blogs often describe things from a personal perspective.
  • Blogs include less reportage and data.
  • Blogs are usually self-published.
  • Blogs go through minimal editing.
  • Blogs can range anywhere from 300 to 1000 words.
  • The writing style for blogs has a very casual.
  • No interviews or research.
  • Charges: $5-$20 per piece.


Why Should You Use Blogs?

If your goals include better visibility on Search Engines.




  • SEO keywords aren’t necessary for an article.
  • The vast majority of articles, besides op-ed pieces, look to steer clear of personal opinion.
  • Articles include reportage and data.
  • Articles are usually written for large publications.
  • Articles go through a thorough editing cycle to make sure that there aren’t any errors.
  • Articles can range anywhere from 1500 to 5000 words
  • The writing style for articles is like a literature in a journalistic style.
  • Articles have interviews and research from credible experts and sources.
  • Charges: $.10-$1 a word and up


Why Should You Use Articles?

If your business is highly affected by changes in laws or the latest research.


difference between articles and blogs


Is there any difference between articles and blogs?


Let’s understand the difference between articles and blogs in details:

First of all, you need to know that they both are very similar things but at the same time hell apart.

A blog is mainly the field or place where you can advert your ideas to and BOOM, you are spreading your ideologies, philosophy, your thoughts, your knowledge and your, most importantly, experience.

Articles, it is basically a single page of something that you write upon from a certain huge topic. I know it is difficult to understand, let me get you this way. In articles, you include reports, research, data, and you don’t force your opinion to readers.

Generally, In articles, you are trying to explain a topic with the facts, data, reports, graphs & insights in a literature writing style.

A blog also can have videos and infographics that you can write your own content around but articles are more written with full description and detail that is more like talking to people and not conversational.


Don’t Get Be Confused!


If you are a blogger or running a blog, it doesn’t mean you can’t write an article. You can use both articles and blogs for your website.

In other words, you can say “a blog is an online version of your personal diary” but articles like you are “creating a report for your projects”

In articles, you should have purpose and goals. – “What your readers are going to gain from it?”

If you are a frequent reader of blogs, then you can feel that most bloggers are posting articles because there is a purpose behind their blogs.


Not Clear! – Still, want to read more?


Let’s understand the exact difference between articles and blogs through another angle 🙂

In this online world where content dominates overall, You will agree with me that we need content, but many people are not sure what type of content and why? ( Read ThisContent is king )

As a digital marketing consultant, I get a question from my team member in a general discussion – “What’s the difference between an article and a blog?”

I was smiling and was happy that time because it’s a good question and many people don’t ask because they hesitate.

But My Friend Believe it or not!

There are a lot of differences between the article and blog content.

Because each serves different purposes but ultimately working to meet the same goal.

Yes, it’s true.

Let’s understand the purposes of articles and blogs:


Purpose of an Article


A purpose of an article is to give in-depth insight on a particular topic or subject. It should take an educational tone-usually written in second or third person-and be at least 1,500 words that provide a ton of detail and well-researched information.

Articles are not easy to scan, and that’s because it’s not their intention.

Article authors put a lot of work into their content, they conduct loads of research and publish their article to deliver in-depth information to the readers.


Purpose of a Blog


The main purpose of a blog is to deliver information without getting into too much detail and without including data and researches.

Blog posts are usually right between 500 words to 1000 words and are usually written in the first person.

Few blogs contain data and statistics, but they usually don’t go into detail about what that data means or why it’s important?

You can scan the whole blog within a couple of minutes because of the short length and the reader can understand the whole topic through the headings only.

That’s why Infographic blogs are in trend these days because blog readers don’t have time to read your blogs word by word but articles audience is different, they want to understand the whole topic in details with some facts and figures.


What Does Search Engine Demand? – Articles or Blogs




See, if you are writing content on your website then you need to understand your audience first before understanding the search engines.

If your website business and audience demand articles then you should go for the detailed articles. ( For Example – Education Websites, Tech Websites, etc..)

If you have a website, where user demands short content or crisp content or stories, then you should write blogs. ( For Example – Poem Blogs, Food Blogs, Traveller Blogs, etc.. )


But, What About Search Engines?


The Difference Between Articles And Blogs


These days, the search engines like Google want to see that you are consistent and publishing new content to your website; this is what’s going to help you rank in SERPs.

Google search engine always want to provide quality results to its searchers and their queries and if you are consistently publishing fresh content on your website then it’s going to help you to rank your website higher in their search engine result pages i.e. SERPs.


My Final Words


Blogs are a necessity these days and articles like a luxury. My personal advice is that you should publish mix content on your website but fresh and valuable content for your readers. I’d recommend you to publish 4 fresh blogs or articles in a month and more if you can write.

Don’t wait, Go and fill the web world with the great content.

It doesn’t matter, you are writing a blog or an article. The only thing matters – “What your readers are going to gain from it?”



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