The Daily Task List of a Copywriter

Copywriter tasks

Being a copywriter isn’t an easy job. It involves a lot of research, knowledge and creative thinking. While people often get confused about the job role of a copy-writer, it is actually very simple to understand.

A copywriter writes content that targets your potential buyers, steals their attention and pitches them your product or service without even being pushy. I created a general task list of a copywriter and the type of work they should do on a daily basis.

The question is why this list is important for you?

  • If you aspire to become a copywriter then it is important that you fully understand the type of tasks that you will have to perform.
  • If you are a business owner then you should know how a copywriter brings life to your marketing and what kind of effort he applies to his work.
  • If you an overall marketer but not much into digital marketing, then you need to know why you need a copywriter and how to check his work and acknowledge his efforts.


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The Task List of a Copywriter:


So here is a list of tasks a copywriter performs an why they are important for your business

1- Create Stunning Copies:


  • The most important part of a copywriter’s job is to create stunning copies whether they are social media posts, ads, and most important website content and blog posts.
  • Each article should communicate the domain expertise, knowledge, and services.
  • Each copy should be unique, attractive and creative basically, stunning. These stunning copies bring traction to your business, converts visitors to leads and leads to customers.


2- Attract Potential Leads:


The piece of copy is worthless if nobody comes to see them. It is the job of a copywriter to steal the audience’s attention through attractive headlines and catchy graphics (by working in collaboration with designers). While writing for businesses, a copywriter needs to not only attract readers but to attract visitors who could become possible customers in future.


3- Provide Value:


No attention will be useful if you can’t hook the readers and communicate the importance of your copy. Once the attention is caught the next best step is to hook them through your writing and provide them some value i.e. solve their problems and then ask them to take the desired action.


4- Look for Inspiration:


A creative copywriter always hunts for inspiration and ideas. The internet is already loaded with a huge amount of content. In order to stand out, copywriters need to be creative. They keep looking for inspiration, new keywords, business pitches, blog ideas, headlines and what not! To keep themselves and their company updated copywriters constantly keep hunting for new and innovative ideas.


5- Build Valuable Relations:


Valuable relations come in the form of influencer contacts, relations with other marketers, media contacts and every possible person who can help bring your copies in front of people. These relations help in targeting a larger number of people with smaller effort and not to forget the SEO value that can be added with the backlinks gained from these individuals.


Thus here we have 5 tasks that are indispensable to the role of a copy-writer and more importantly, they are indispensable to businesses. Because these tasks are important to every marketing campaign it is important that you understand the value of a copywriter and make additional efforts in hiring one for your business.


Author: Yogesh Jain 


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